VINYL: Highlighting the Serato Neon series

Serato Neon control vinyl timecode (11)

Serato’s vinyl machine is running at full pelt these days, and yet another fresh release of control vinyl is upon us, and frankly it’s hard to miss. The Serato Neon series aims to scorch your retinas and yet be wallet friendly at the same time.

The hardcore collectors out there will be aware of some quality issues of late, something that prompted Serato people at the highest level to get involved in the avid Serato Control Vinyl Collectors Facebook community to set people’s minds at rest by stepping up, taking responsibility and making quality and customer satisfaction their priority. After all, it’s the community that is supporting the oh so desirable Serato brand.

Such is this determination, that the new QC regime finds itself less than 100% happy with a small batch of the centre labels in this first run. But rather than scrap vinyl that people would most probably be happy with, these are being offered out at $29 a pair.

Serato Neon control vinyl timecode (1)

Personally, I think they missed a colour. But I’m biased. But you can grab yellow, pink, and green from the Serato online shop today.