VIDEO: Rane TTM57 MKII in the hands of Skratch Bastid

Everyone has favourite DJs, and one of mine is Canada’s Skratch Bastid. He momentarily stops being my favourite when he announces some gig in Halifax, only for me to be disappointed that it’s the Halifax in Canada rather than Halifax just down the road from my house here in England. But pushing that aside, his “Get Up” mixtape gets played round these parts at least once a week, so I love that he’s doing things with Serato and Rane. Check out this short remix routine of NWXRK by Nadus using the new Rane TTM57 MKII mixer.

Need to know more about the new Rane mixer but can’t wait for the review? There’s nothing better than Ray’s NAMM piece. I’m working out where the review unit should go, and I’m thinking that having an open house group review in The Worxlab might be a good idea. Getting it into the hands of a lot of scratch DJs would make for a cool piece.