DJ b.two child of vengeance

VIDEO: DJ B.TWO’s “Child of Vengeance”

I’m a fan of DJ B.TWO‘s videos. His Game of Death video in particular raised the bar for all other scratch DJ promos. He always goes just little bit further to make his sets stand out a tad from the crowd. And in his latest video, it’s not so much about his performance or the gear, but is about the animation and presentation. Behold — B.TWO’s “Child of Vengeance”.

In this video, I like how it’s not about watching B.TWO and is all about the music and the visuals. I’ve watched more than a few DJs performing in videos before, so this makes a refreshing change. Keep up the good work B.TWO.

VIDEO: DJ B.TWO's "Child of Vengeance"

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