Worxmas was fantastic. We seemed to strike the right chord with everyone, and achieved the desired result i.e. intelligent commenting from a lot of engaged people, something that we want to build upon. Much of that of course will be down to us creating the right content that encourages quality commenting. But before we start on this, I feel the need to address an increase in less than ideal commenting and interaction between community members.

When you’re on DJWORX, you need to think of it as being invited into our house, where good manners are expected. We don’t expect you to agree with everything that we or others write. But before invoking keyboard warrior mode, just remember that you are all invited guests, and we expect you to treat us and others with politeness and common courtesy.

You may feel the need to spew a stream on insults and expletives into the comments box, but before you do, take a step back and think about how you would feel if someone did the same to you. Is calling someone a retard the best way to explain your point? Do you think that trolling someone is an effective way to contribute to the DJ scene? We don’t, and it stops today.

So instead of unconstructive full caps insults, why not rephrase it with “I disagree and here’s why”. I know that if someone called me a prick and simply told me I was wrong, I’d switch off and probably never read a comment from them again. But calmly explaining why they thought I was wrong is guaranteed to get me to read and respond too. Hell, we don’t claim to know everything and actively encourage conversation where we and everyone else can learn something new, or have our misconceptions or outright mistakes corrected.

So for those who come here just to flame — don’t. The days of tolerating bad community members are over. If you were in my house and upsetting my other guests unnecessarily, you’d be asked to leave. So if we have to lose those people whose sole aim is to disrupt or cause offense, then we’ll happily say goodbye to them for the greater good. We only want community members who are actively interested in helping push things forward for us and the DJ world. Like everything else we do, it’s all about quality. I trust I have been quite clear.

Welcome to DJWORX. The industry is watching and taking notes, so make a valuable contribution.