V-MODA 3D printing your brand on your headphones

While many view headphones as utilitarian instruments for delivering pristine audio to your lug holes , V-MODA has definitely hung its Gucci Fedora on the image-conscious fashion driven hook. Thankfully it does so without sacrificing audio quality, and are subjectively the most distinctive looking headphones in the DJ market.

Treating headphones as a fashion item, V-MODA has always offered a degree of personal choice with colour and customisation. But now they’ve embraced what is hot in the technology world, and will be offering a wide range 3D printed covers.

They already offer an engraving service, but this is a step into the next level of making your gear your own. How big a step however will depend on the depth of your pockets. Mine are Gap Khaki deep, so for me there is the 3D fibre option, where I can specify one of nine colours, and then upload a design, with an end result of $70 plus shipping. The next step up is 3D printed steel, with three colours and two finishes, that extracts $150 from you. And finally is the precious metal level, where your Gucci pockets are about to get seriously taxed, with prices starting at $350 for raw Brass right up to $40,000 for custom Platinum covers. Ouch.


It’s a savvy move from V-MODA. As DJs become brands, imprinting that brand on their DJ lives for their fans to see is important. The first two levels are within the realms of us mere mortals, but I think we’ll leave the precious metal level to the uber rich who want to make a statement, one that will probably be delivered while wearing their £13.5K Apple Watch edition. But that’s exactly where V-MODA want to be — on the heads of the fashionistas and regular Joes alike.

But far from being “the end of ubiquity” as the video states, this is actually a bid to appear on more heads than ever. And every one of those heads will be wearing the same £199 headphones, the only difference being the lumps of fibre or bling you screw to them.

Try it for yourself on the V-MODA custom shield kit page.