Mixvibes Cross 3.1

Mixvibes continues to hone and buff their Cross range. Cross 3.1 is an incremental upgrade that adds important links to open from video sites like Youtube and Dailymotion, and to smart export to Mixcloud and Souncloud. And to celebrate this release, Mixvibes has teamed up with a handful of sponsors to give DJs a chance to play a set in Paris and also to win a bunch of booty too.The fresh PR from Mixvibes:

Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.1: Record your mix & share it on Mixcloud™ & YouTube™

Mixvibes introduces Cross DJ 3.1, a new version of its Mac/PC software, bringing record & share on Mixcloud™ (audio) & YouTube™ (video), straight from the software. And more.

Record your mix and share it on Mixcloud™ & YouTube™

  • Youtube™ & Dailymotion™: Cross DJ generates a video file. This video displays in real time what track is playing, the name of the artist and the artwork associated with.
  • Mixcloud™: Export your mix, Cross DJ automatically publishes a smart tracklist.
  • SoundCloud™: Export your mix, Cross DJ writes tracks names as a comment above the waveform.

Video Features

  • Images are now managed like video files: mix them in players or in samplers (Cross only.)
  • Mix animated GIFs and BMPs.
  • New video transitions: “Push Swap” & “Wipe Rainbow”.

New EQs and FXs

  • EQs presets: “DJM EQ + ISO Kills” and “Isolator”
  • New Reverb & enhanced Bifilter

New supported controllers

  • MIDI mapping: Pioneer DDJ SB, Numark iDJ Live II
  • HID supported device: Pioneer CDJ 900 NXS (Cross only.)

Mixvibes DJ Competition Kick off

To celebrate the release, Mixvibes teams up with Mixcloud, Allen & Heath, Creative & Nüba to throw a DJ competition with awesome prizes:

  • 1st prize: Flight to Paris + Accommodation + warm-up DJ set at Nüba + 1 Allen & Heath Xone:23C + 1 – Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR + 1 Cross DVS
  • 2nd prize: 1 Allen & Heath Xone K2 + 1 Creative Sound Blaster EVO wireless + 1 Cross DVS
  • 3rd prize: 1 Xone K2 + 1 Creative Sound Blaster EVO wireless + 1 Cross DVS
  • 4th prize: 1 Creative Sound Blaster EVO wireless + 1 Cross DVS
  • 5th prize: 1 Cross DVS

To participate, head over to the competition page:

All you need to do is upload a 30 minutes mix before May 4th. Rock on!

Pricing and availability

49.99 € / $49.99 for Cross DJ 3.1 129.99 € / $129.99 for Cross 3.1

Get Cross DJ 3.1: http://www.mixvibes.com/products/cross
Update is available for Cross DJ Free, Cross DJ & Cross.

App Store version is not available as per 10.04, but will arrive soon.

While reading this, I found myself increasingly confused as to exactly what each version can actually do. So to help those of you who might need clarification, check out this handy image supplied by Mixvibes:

Mixvibes Cross 3.1

…and for even more clarification, grab this PDF for the full detail.

Jared Helfer is currently neck-deep in assorted multi-platform Cross products, and will be publishing a ridiculously exhaustive review in due course.


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