stems traktor Pro 2.10.1

Traktor Pro 2.10.1: Stems for all… well more DJs anyway

stems traktor Pro 2.10.1

Today, Native Instruments announces Traktor Pro 2.10.1, a Stems focussed version that unlocks the Kontrol S4 for Stems, and in turn adds Stems decks to the Traktor GUI, as well as making them all mappable to third party controllers. Now we just need the other software companies to get on the Stems train, for classic tracks to get the Stems treatment, and the DJ world will be a better place for every DJ.

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The words from NI HQ:

Native Instruments expands Stems support with TRAKTOR PRO 2 update 

Latest TRAKTOR software opens Stems to millions of TRAKTOR DJs with Stem View, and brings Stems control to the best-selling TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 controller

Berlin, February 22, 2016 – Native Instruments today released TRAKTOR PRO 2.10.1 – a free software update that extends control of the Stems format to all TRAKTOR users. The update implements the Stem View directly into TRAKTOR’s Stem Decks, making it possible to control Stems with any TRAKTOR setup or mapped third-party controller. The update also makes the revered TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 officially Stems-ready. And to make it easier to start playing Stems, 65 Stem tracks are now available for free from, while partnering online stores are offering 25% off Stems releases for a limited time.

Adapted from the hardware display version for TRAKTOR KONTROL S8, S5, and D2, the in-app Stem View provides a clear, color-coded overview of a track’s four Stems – granting all TRAKTOR DJs in-depth, multi-channel control over a Stem track’s elements. Owners of the acclaimed TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 can now expand their performance possibilities and experience hands-on control of Stem files. Each stem can be muted and unmuted using   the Remix Slot buttons and pads. And each stem’s volume or filter can be controlled using the loop encoders. TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 also becomes a powerful and portable way to control Stems. DJs who are curious about Stems but not using TRAKTOR can now easily try out the open format – the free TRAKTOR demo also includes Stem View.

Both demo and licensed TRAKTOR software owners can start playing Stems right away with 1.5 GB worth of free Stems tracks available from www.native- The package includes 65 high-quality Stem files of varying tempos and genres derived from selected MASCHINE Expansions. Additionally, online retailers Beatport, Bleep, Juno, Traxsource, Wasabeat, and whatpeopleplay are each offering 25% off their repertoire of Stems releases for one week only. Until February 29, 2016, shop customers can enter a voucher code at checkout to receive the discount.

Since Native Instruments announced Stems in May 2015, the industry response has gathered considerable momentum in the wider music community. The legendary Carl Cox says: “When I play Stems, my creativity as a DJ goes up through the roof”, and radio icon Pete Tong confirms “Whether it’s remixing a classic on the fly, adding a personal stamp to a new tune, or being able to re-interpret your own music in a live environment really means the possibilities are endless. Stems are the next level.”

Showcasing the power of Stems now open to all TRAKTOR DJs, a video featuring TRAKTOR specialist Eric Goldstein demonstrates the creative possibilities with Stems using TRAKTOR KONTROL S4.

Further product information and press material

The free TRAKTOR PRO 2.10.1 update is now available for download from the NI Service Center.

More information about the update, a free TRAKTOR demo, and voucher codes for Stems offers are available at:

A video featuring TRAKTOR specialist Eric Goldstein showcasing the expanded Stems support using TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 is available at:

A walkthrough video of the performance showcasing Stems control on the TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 is available at:

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Bulletin pointing this:

  • Traktor Pro 2.10.1 makes the Kontrol S4 Stems ready (probably just the latest one)
  • Traktor Pro 2.10.1 adds stems view to the software, making the S4 viable for Stems.
  • Traktor Pro 2.10.1 adds Stems mapping, effectively opening up the whole world of controllers to Stems.
  • Everyone gets 65 free Stems tracks to play with.
  • For a limited time, Stems are 25% off.

For me, this is great news. It’s certainly a move in the right direction the get some traction (or should that be traktion?) for the Stems format. But it still needs more official support outside of Traktor. Mixed In Key’s Flow and DJ Player Pro for iOS aren’t enough to make Stems a mainstream thing.

It’s available today as a free download through the NI Service Centre. Actually it was available this morning, hence me having screen grabs already.