Yes we teased it yesterday. And today was going to be all about posting a first look at the all new Traktor Kontrol S3. We have the hardware, but not the updated version of Traktor Pro 3 that runs it. So until that arrives, and we’ve had a chance to dabble, you’ll just have to make do with the official PR from Berlin.

Native Instruments announces new, essential 4-channel DJ controller – TRAKTOR KONTROL S3.

The new controller is packed with everything DJs need to mix across four decks. 

October 16th, 2019 – Native Instruments today announced TRAKTOR KONTROL S3, the essential four-channel controller for DJs ready to break into the world of four-deck DJing, add a new dimension to the way they play, and take their sets to bigger venues.

From layering beats, to weaving in acapellas, performing with live vocalists and MCs, or playing back to back, the TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 encourages flexible DJing that expands the boundaries of performance. 

The S3 sees a continuation of the club-standard design language introduced to the TRAKTOR hardware line last year, with upsized jog wheels, extended pitch and channel faders, and a clean-cut four-channel mixer section with full EQ, filter, and Mixer FX control. 

Jog wheel light rings give dynamic visual feedback at a glance – with deck selection, activation, and track-end warnings.

Each deck is equipped with eight RGB pads for triggering Hotcues and loops, as well as one-shots or looped samples.

The TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 also features a high-grade audio interface, with main and headphone output dynamic range normally only seen on professional in-house club gear, as well as XLR outputs for plug-and-play connectivity with larger sound systems.

The TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 is bundled with the full version of flagship DJ software TRAKTOR PRO 3, and integrates with TRAKTOR DJ 2 for two-deck DJing on iPad or desktop. 

Pricing and Availability 

TRAKTOR KONTROL S3 will be available online and in stores in November 2019. 

Pre-orders are open now via the Native Instruments website. 

599 EUR, 649 USD, 69800, 499 GBP, 899 AUD, 799 CAD, 4699 CNY, 679 CHF

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 Traktor Pro 3.2


I’m somewhat pressed for time this evening, but I just want to address one thing that will definitely come up in the comments. 

Just today, I’m reading a lot of doom and gloom comments about NI ignoring customers, how they’re jumping ship, and other general negativity. Here’s how I see it — I suspect that the majority of the feeling comes from those who constantly crave more. They’re long past the basics and need a regular injection of innovation to keep even. 

But then there’s the majority, either new DJs, upgraders, or those that don’t need an expensive box of frippery that they’ll never use. These are the people and the products that keep the DJ industry afloat. You might want a standalone touch-this and stream-that mission control desk. But for most, a box of well packaged basics at a price that makes sense will do, and has always been the case too. 

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 Traktor Pro 3.2 (4)

And the Traktor Kontrol S3 looks to do just that. It doesn’t need screens or haptic motorised jog wheels. The club standard CDJ doesn’t have motorised wheels, and those other units that do are not standards of any kind. You might want, nay crave it. But the target market i.e. the majority doesn’t. 

I think our DJWORX family member Darren Cowley from Isotonik Studios put it perfectly yesterday in our Slack channel:

“Native doesn’t need to change the game — it needs to get back in it.”

And he’s bang on the money. They tried to change the game, failed, and found themselves in what can most charitably be described as a bit of a pickle. Native Instruments needs a win.

They still have good people with good ideas, and they need to rebuild with products that the masses will buy before they can deliver their own left field ideas that satisfy to the GAS afflicted minority again.



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