Pioneer DJ PC-X10 PN-X1- needle cartridge (2)

The circle is complete: Pioneer DJ PC-X10 cartridge

Pioneer DJ PC-X10 PN-X1- needle cartridge (2)

Having already established that Pioneer DJ is looking to be that one-stop shop for for any and every DJ’s needs, they’ve now plugged the tiniest of gaps in their range. Having got the PLX-1000 turntable out there, they just needed their own cart to pop on the end of the tonearm. And here it is in the shape of the PC-X10 cartridge. The Pioneer DJ turntable and cart combo is complete.


Staying Power: the new PC-X10 cartridge – with high output and reliable skip resistance

6th August 2015: Pioneer DJ is completing its line-up for vinyl DJs with the release of the PC-X10 cartridge to accompany the PLX-1000 turntable. The hardy PC-X10 delivers a high output and excellent skip resistance that ensures the needle sticks to the record during even the most energetic performances.

The cartridge was designed in partnership with world-leading cartridge manufacturer Nagaoka, combining their heritage of craftsmanship and Pioneer DJ’s unrivalled understanding of the DJ’s needs. The result is a high-quality analogue sound, excellent durability and reliable performances with vinyl and software (using DVS control).

The PC-X10 cartridge comes with the replaceable PN-X10 stylus at an SRP of €123, excluding VAT. The PN-X10 can also be bought separately at an SRP of €45, excluding VAT.

Both are available from September online only.

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  1. Precision-designed for excellent skip resistance

The PC-X10’s raw materials and design are fine-tuned to ensure continuous connection during scratches and when cueing a record.

  1. 5 mV output and a high-resolution analogue sound

The cartridge’s coils and magnets are in the optimal positions to give a high output of 9.5 mV and a faithful reproduction of the analogue sound. Plus the PC-X10 delivers an accurate response for DJs controlling software via DVS.

  1. Pro-DJ design with enhanced stylus tip visibility

The needle housing is built from semi-transparent materials and features a white arrow to help DJs see the needle in the darkness of the booth.

  1. Handmade to ensure the highest quality

Every PC-X10 is carefully handmade by experts in Japan and subjected to stringent quality checks before going on sale.


Format Moving magnet type (MM type)
Output voltage 9.5 mV/1 kHz
Frequency characteristic 20~20 kHz
Channel separation 20 dB/1 kHz
Channel balance 1.5 dB or less/1 kHz
Needle pressure 3.5 ~ 5 g
Cantilever Aluminium alloy
Stylus tip 0.6 mil cone, diamond tip
Product weight 6.5 g (including 2 x screws, 2 x washers and 2 x nuts)
Replacement needle PN-X10


When the PLX-1000 came out, I asked questions about a potential Pioneer cart. While no response was forthcoming, but I’d assumed that Ortofon would be in line to spray up an existing model and call it a CRT-1000 or something. But no, they’ve got together with Nagaoka, and made something of their own. No surprises there then.

This is a tough one to call. On one hand, it’s Pioneer DJ filling a tiny gap in their range with no expectation of getting rich from it. And at the same time, trying to get DJs, especially turntablists to jump ship from Shure or Ortofon is a tough task to attempt.


I expect boxes of these will be lavished upon the usual suspects in an attempt to get them seen everywhere. And only time will tell if they’re actually capable of the withstanding the rigours of a scratch beating.

Each PC-X10 cart is €123 plus VAT, and the PN-X10 needle is €45 plus VAT. I have no idea what that translates to in street prices and other currencies right now. I need to have my breakfast first and find out for you.



Will Pioneer be able to pry your 447s from your cold dead hands? Like me, will you stick with the visibility of the Ortofon Concorde range?

The circle is complete: Pioneer DJ PC-X10 cartridge

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