Stanton updates SC-IX — SCS.4DJ gets hot cues and more

SCS.4DJ SC-IX system 3 update (2)

It is customary for DJ manufacturers to put out driver and mapping updates for their assorted lumps of hardware. What is considerably less common is for them to put out whole OS updates. But Stanton have done just that for their envelope-pushing SCS.4DJ all-in-one controller/player. Top of the list for improvements is the addition of hot cues. Yay – SCS.4DJ owners rejoice.

The official words lay it all out for you:


Stanton®, part of the Gibson Pro Audio division and an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, is pleased to announce the next evolution of the SC-IX operating system which powers the ground-breaking SCS.4DJ Complete Digital DJ System.

Stanton shocked the industry by introducing the SCS.4DJ, the first fully-integrated solution capable of providing the functionality and performance demanded by today’s DJs and performers.  The SCS.4DJ is a Complete Digital DJ System powered by state-of-the-art processors removing the need for an external computer when performing.  This fresh approach means a DJ can simply plug in a storage device and start mixing using the built-in decks, mixer and high resolution color display.

“SC-IX Version 3.0 propels SCS.4DJ capabilities far beyond any other DJ solution at this price point,” says Timothy Dorwart, General Manager of Gibson Pro Audio, a division of the Gibson Guitar Corporation.  “The new features such as hot cues and beatgrid editing raise this product to the professional level, demonstrating our continued commitment to DJ’s and our products.”

New Features:

  • BeatGrid editing – The ability to edit a track’s beatgrid in real-time, with both “Tap Tempo” and “Dial-In-BPM” functionality, for increased Sync and Loop accuracy and stability.
  • Three Hot cues per deck – Quick access buttons on the home/waveform screens allows users to add and delete hot cues.  Hot cues are remembered through power cycles.
  • Optimized system management – Switching screens is now much faster.  Navigating large libraries/playlists is more responsive and precise. Performance gains are seen throughout the system.
  • Loop memory – User-created loops are remembered through power cycles, allowing for more powerful set-preparation.
  • Broader device support for smart phones, MP3 players and tablet computers.


  • Headphone gain boost now selectable via a menu item.
  • Improved recording to USB media.
  • When a deck is paused, scratch functionality is automatically enabled to provide fine seeking and setting of cue points.

The new SC-IX Version 3.0 release and both Mac and PC versions of the QuickGrid high speed analyzer, are available from the Stanton website now.

SCS.4DJ SC-IX system 3 update (1)

So I did the update, and sure enough I got 3 hot cues with a dead easy and intuitive way to set and delete them. The little buttons are small, but it’s a clever way to add something that wasn’t there before. An update to our original SCS.4DJ review will be added in due course.