The Emulator hits OS X

emulator x smithson martin mac version

Most of you will be aware of The Emulator. A huge flat touch screen really is a hard thing to miss, and has been seen anywhere that a wow factor is needed. But aside from the immediately impressive light show, The Emulator is the ultimate in touch screen technology. But the big downside is that it’s been PC compatible only. Until now that is.

SmithsonMartin have finally woken up and seen the mass of Apple logos wherever they go, and have finally extracted their digits and made a Mac version. Let’s hear what the guys have to say:

SmithsonMartin Inc. Releases EmulatorX (OSX Version)

Emulator Multi-touch MIDI Control Software is introduced for OSX.

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

SmithsonMartin Inc., is proud to announce the release of their flagship software Emulator for Apple’s Mac OSX operating system. “The launch of Emulator X has been long overdue, but we wanted to ensure that our software and hardware systems were fully functional with not just one or two templates, but with the power of our full Modular custom multi-touch software.” Said SmithsonMartin Inc. CEO Alan Smithson.

Emulator X represents 4 years of development in multi-touch applications within the music industry. “Emulator X is the most advanced multi-touch software on Earth” Commented CTO, Pablo Martin. “X gives users the ability to have unlimited control over their DAW, DJ, VJ or Lighting software. In fact, we have been approached by several other industries such as pipelines and medical companies to make their software multi-touch.”

In addition to releasing Emulator X, SmithsonMartin Inc.’s Emulator will also be featured in an upcoming television ad for a major computer brand as part of the launch of their Windows 8 touch enabled computer line. Emulator is featured in an Elektro Magazine article built-in the back of the new Hyundai Veloster concept car. Emulator has been featured at Intel, Sony, Dell and Absolute Vodka events globally. “It’s funny that we are launching our OSX version at the same time Windows 8 will be introduced” Said Smithson. “The game officially changes on October 25th when Microsoft releases Windows 8. Win 8 is fully multi-touch and every PC manufacturer will introduce their touch device in time for the holiday season. What this means to consumers is now there are a plethora of devices to use Emulator with.”


Pricing for the new software has also been announced;
Emulator Fixed Templates $99
Emulator Modular (Win/OSX) $499

“We are continuing our introductory rate of $99 for both versions until November 1st in order to get as many people using the beta as possible” commented Mr. Martin. “We will have the full release version complete with templates for Traktor Pro and Ableton in time for a very special promotional
event in November.” Mr. Martin would not comment further saying “This event will put Emulator on the map around the globe, but you will have to wait and see for yourself.”

SmithsonMartin Inc. recently was showcased at the BPM show in Birmingham where they were nominated for 2 DJ Mag Tech Awards; Best AV Product and Best Controller over $1000. The company will also travel to Sin City this week to showcase Emulator and Emulator X at the LDI Show.

Smithson Martin Emulator

For those of you not in the know about how the Emulator software works – it acts as a middle man between your computer and touch screen. You run your favourite MIDI app, and design an Emulator template to translate MIDI into touch controls. There’s a little more under the hood than that, but that’s it in a nutshell.

So instead of being Windows only, the rest of us can now get to design templates to wrangle our favourite MIDI apps into touch screens large and small (not iPads or Android though). Granted, SmithsonMartin will happily sell you some seriously lovely hardware, but with the Emulator software, you can make up your own system. £300-400 will get you a decent 24″ screen and the rest is up to you. Certainly worth a punt if you’ve got some spare cash and fancy a dabble.