About that Serato DJ DVS Expansion pack

Serato DJ DVS Expansion Pack

I’m sure you’re all still taking in the AkaI Pro AMX and AFX announcement — it was just one hour ago after all. But a key part of the appeal of the AMX is the ability to hook up turntables or CDJs and use DVS directly without an additional interface. And that’s where the just announced Serato DJ DVS expansion pack comes in.

Just about everything you need to know is contained in this post from the Serato blog:

We’re excited to announce the DVS Expansion Pack for supported Serato DJ controllers.

Controllers able to take advantage of the DVS Expansion Pack are known as “DVS upgrade ready” devices, while hardware that supports DVS natively are called “DVS ready”. Check out the first list of DVS upgrade ready controllers below:

  • Akai AMX
  • Numark N4
  • Denon MC6000mkII

In terms of other controllers that have hardware mixers – The Pioneer DDJ-SX will not support DVS Expansion Pack as the hardware is not technically capable of this. The Vestax VCI-380 and VCI-400 require firmware updates from before support can be developed – when these are available we can add support in Serato DJ.

Available this September in Serato DJ 1.7. This Expansion Pack can be purchased and activated in-app through the My Serato window or the Serato Online Store for USD $99.

NOTE: This will only be available in the full release version of Serato DJ 1.7 and is not available during the public beta period.

I do have to make one thing clear — Serato has confirmed for me that this will not enable standalone mixers to make them DVS ready. The expansion pack is strictly for Serato partner controller hardware. So your USB enabled mixer will not be endowed with the $99 gift of Serato DJ DVS love.

This is a subject that I’m really interested in. I’ve often wondered how many controller users would really want to use it as a mixer for turntables. I get that it’s a perceived benefit, but I cannot help but think that the number of people who genuinely think it’s a real need is very small.

Can you tell me otherwise? Is it a prerequisite that your controller is DVS-able, or do you see controllers and turntables as mutually exclusive? 

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