serato dj 1.7.2

Serato is continuing to work hard to drag Scratch Live users kicking and screaming from their old software make Serato DJ even better with a series of incremental releases. This time, we see some very useful additions, some improvements and a boatload of fixes all coming to Serato DJ 1.7.2. And you can help Serato make it better with another public beta.

The word from Auckland:

It’s public beta time again. This beta is for the latest signifiant Serato DJ 1.7.2 update, with a heavy dose of maintenance, optimisation and some handy new feature additions and changes. This is the first release since we’ve had detailed crash reporting, introduced in Serato DJ 1.7.0, which has allowed us to identify and fix a number of issues.
The public beta is a great opportunity to help us identify and fix up any further issues before the full release and we encourage everyone to get involved.

You can find the link to the beta area when it is live here: are the full release notes for this update:

Serato DJ 1.7.2 Public Beta

We’d be really keen to hear from anyone running Yosemite OSX10.10 with Serato DJ 1.7.2.

Our initial tests have been successful so far, and we’d like to announce full support with the final release. If you are seeing any issues that seem specific to Yosemite, please let us know!

New Features

  • Sticker Lock
  • MIDI output lighting
  • 2 Decimal Place BPM display option
  • Toggle time elapsed/remaining for Library, Stack and Offline views
  • MIDI Map individual Loop Roll sizes (alt + click)
  • 32/64 bit floating point WAV/AIFF file support
  • Echo Out effect added to Wolf Pack
  • Continuous library scrolling with buttons (MIDI panel and VCI-300)
  • Saved Loop Mode for DDJ-SR (shift + roll)

Other Changes

  • Increased Audio Dropout Light threshold
  • My Serato panel update
  • Blue Smart Crates
  • Serato DJ login online window remembers login details between sessions

Bug Fixes

  • Using browse knob jumps to top of crate after using search function
  • Keylock/Pitch ‘n Time DJ improvement when scratching at low speeds with DVS
  • Sorting by color does not respect color palette
  • Crash when connecting to firewire soundcards
  • iTunes library not found on Win 7 when iTunes Library is not in default location
  • Serato DJ hangs after loading a corrupt mp3
  • Crash when using browse panel to view missing file entry
  • Searching the library causes waveforms/virtual decks to freeze
  • Clicking on the loop time of the currently active loop switches the loop off
  • iTunes playlist folders always open expanded in Serato DJ
  • Sort and jump to BPM doesn’t jump to the correct BPM
  • Repeat Track does not work when Serato DJ is in Offline mode
  • Saved loop/manual loop state is not copied when instant doubling
  • Clearing played track history causes hang
  • BPMs not showing in history sessions
  • Sample Buttons on Numark Mixtrack Edge Don’t Load to Sample Slots
  • Noise Threshold preference not copied across from Scratch Live if available
  • Cue and Load incorrectly mapped on Reloop Beatmix 2
  • Exiting DJ while an iTunes library is still loading causes a crash on exit
  • Various history columns not visible and unable to edited
  • Possible crash when using Album Art View
  • Crash on exit with Rane SL4 connected
  • TAP button does not light up on Numark NSFX
  • Track skip/jumps when scratching with 45RPM
  • 2’s Compliment data type not working correctly for MIDI mapping
  • Loop Flip slot defaults to Loop ON when saved and ON/LOOP are both off
  • Flip Cue Trigger during playback doesn’t handle “Play From First Cue Point”
  • Right click to change Cue Point colour does not work on Windows
  • 3 Deck Stack view displayed on unsupported devices when hot plugging
  • Instant doubling doesn’t turn an active Flip off if it’s on, on the target deck
  • Pioneer DDJ-S1 should not have AUX drop down option in Recording Panel
  • Stop time not respected after Loop Rolling
  • CDJ Loop Recall not working correctly
  • Empty Cue Points buttons not dimly lit on Rane Sixty-Eight
  • CDJs are displaying the incorrect remaining time while in HID mode
  • Right click on columns in the History panel does not work
  • Possible crash when using DJ-FX
  • Offline Player not limiting correctly on Windows
  • Crash when deleting or editing video file
  • Potential crash when color tagging tracks
  • Decks pause during autoplay when same track loaded to different decks
  • Offline player not running at correct sample rate after disconnecting hardware
  • When not using CDJ HID mode (but connected) the library knob controls Serato DJ
  • Sometimes incorrect saved loop is activated directly after activating a different saved loop, then instant doubling
At the same time of course, you lemmings can throw yourselves at the just released OS X 10.10 Yosemite and report back to Serato that you’ve suffered a catastrophic failure that resulted in you losing your entire music library, your laptop set in fire, and you’ve essentially lost your livelihood, or most likely that everything is hunky dory. Read their official stance here.