Serato DJ 1.6 beta — the Scratch Live migration begins

Serato DJ 1.6 beta

When Serato DJ 1.5 was unveiled, Scratch Live users were given notice that they were being dragged kicking and screaming into the new world, one where DVS users and controllerists would venture into the brave new world together using the same software. And that adventure begins today, for Serato DJ 1.6 beta is here, and addresses not just the big Scratch Live elephant in the room, but also the long standing plea from Numark V7 users to leave ITCH behind.

Some words from my inbox via our friends in Auckland, Berlin and apparently LA now (hey Nick!)

Hey there,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that the Serato DJ 1.6 Pubic Beta is now available. As with all beta releases, it’s not recommended for live use.

The Serato DJ 1.6 Public Beta area is here.

Here’s what’s new, straight from the forum area release notes:

Windows 8/Mac OS X 10.9 Users, we need your help!

Because supporting a new OS platform is never a finite thing, we could test forever and still not be 100% that there are no issues.

This is where you guys come in. Although we feel confident there are no major issues, we would like to encourage all Windows 8 or Mac OS X 10.9 users to come forward and report any issues during Public Beta.

We will endeavour to fix any reported issues ultimately aiming to announce full support for Windows 8 and Mac OS X in Serato DJ 1.6.1.

Added Hardware Support

• Numark V7
• Rane SL2
• Rane SL3
• Rane SL4
• Rane Sixty-One
• Rane Sixty-Two
• Rane Sixty-Eight
• Pioneer CDJ-900 OSA support

New Features 

• Quantize Mode On/Off button added in main screen
• Quantize Value drop down menu added to Setup Screen > DJ Preferences
• Nameable Cue Points
• Maintain Sync on Track Load Setup option
• Stack View Mode
• Added Aux output channel for DJ-FX on Rane SL4
• Improved Cue Point and Loops Display area
• Open/Close crates from hardware
Other Changes• Can select input source on 61 and 62 directly from setup screen
• Made BPM column ON by default for first installation
• Made selected Auto Loop Value easier to see
• Auto open ‘Audio’ panel after SRT driver install
• Auto change to INT mode when HID device connected
• Added back Vertical Overview in Vertical Mode
• Added back Icicles in Horizontal Mode
• Added back “Lock Loop” functionalityBug Fixes• Crash when VCI-400 ASIO Control Panel buffer setting is set to 8192 on Windows 7/64 bit
• Fixed issue where some users can’t connect to CDJ2000s in HID mode
• Hang when attempting to load a missing track using the “previous” button on a CDJ in HID mode
• Channel 4 CD input could control Deck 2 and 4 with Rane Sixty-Four
• Issue where sometimes the Serato DJ could hang on exit if Serato Remote enabled
• Crash when resizing library column as the song is being added to history
• Fixed Loop Editing issue when using Vinyl/CDJ in ABS/REL modes
• Crash when “Show iTunes Library” option is unchecked for some users
• Issue where Sync would halve or double BPM incorrectly when mixing half/double BPM tracks.
• Issue where waveform could not be controlled via mouse/keyboard shortcuts when THRU mode enabled.
• Corrected alignment of “Repeat” and “Edit Grid” buttons on track display
• Ensured Tempo Range initializes at +/-6% when using CDJs in HID mode
• Slip Mode not working when in MIDI layers 2/3/4 on Rane Sixty-Four
• Improved VCI-300 Scroll + Platter functionality
• Corrected SP-6 Tempo Slider so that it is consistent with INT Tempo Slider
• TWITCH Fader FX ON/OFF button lighting issue
• Fixed Numark NS6 audible pops and clicks
• Crossfader Reverse Keyboard Shortcut could not undo (Command + Shift + R)

Why Serato DJ 1.6 is important

For a whole world of Scratch Live users, this is the moment where they can begin to take their first steps away from their long standing comfort zone and see what the slightly different looking new world is like. It’ll be cool to finally see the end of the silly ITCH vs Scratch Live wars where users complained endlessly about how they were the forgotten ones who helped build the company while all the toy DJs got all the features. Yeah I know, it doesn’t make sense.

So while there undoubtedly will be a hardcore group of Scratch Live die-hards who cling onto their SL1s and Rane 57s for dear life and rebel against all the cool new stuff that they could be using, the now singular Serato user base will make it much easier for the guys in New Zealand to hone a single product, rather than split resources to keep the disparate worlds of turntables and controllers apart.

Serato DJ 1.6 beta

If it ain’t broke…

As an established lemming, I throw myself at the ugliest beta versions of just about everything and hope for the best. This however is not the best approach for businesses whose revenue is derived from running stable software. And Serato is working hard to provide a stable platform for the new Serato 1.6 experience, and want your help to make it happen quicker. So if you’re like me and already have Mavericks 10.9.1 installed this morning, or indeed have been even braver and have Windows 8 running, please do have a play with the Serato DJ 1.6 beta and report back via the beta forum. Thankfully people already are, and a steady stream of issues are being uncovered.

Summing Up

While I realise that not all of you are reckless, and may depend on a stable environment to pay the bills, the sooner that you can move from Scratch Live to Serato DJ the better. You can of course wring every single last drop out of SSL, but you’re simply delaying the inevitable. And of course once you’re in the Serato DJ camp, then the sooner you’ll get the advances that are doubtlessly coming.