Serato DJ 1.6.3 — I dub thee the Pioneer update

Serato DJ 1.6.3 Pioneer

Time for an incremental but important update from Serato. In this release, Serato DJ 1.6.3 makes the platter LEDs better, fixes an annoying (if you read the forums that is) DDJ-SZ jog wheel issue, and bestow the shiny gold Serato Accessory badge upon the CDJ-900NXS.

The obligatory release that say what I just did but in more words:


Serato DJ 1.6.3 – The latest software update for Serato DJ includes controller/CDJ platter improvements, new Official Serato Accessory support and a bug fix that will vastly improve the experience for anyone using Serato Control CDs.


  • Improved platter lighting response on all supported controllers/CDJs resulting in more accurate visual feedback of playback and position information.
  • Improved platter latency on the Pioneer DDJ-SZ* for a much tighter response while mixing and scratching.
  • Official Serato Accessory support for the Pioneer CDJ-900NXS. Connect to your computer via USB cable and control Serato DJ using HID mode without the need for Serato Control CDs**.
  • Fixed an issue where the playhead could jump when using CDJs in Relative Mode.

Download Serato DJ 1.6.3 from

*Requires Pioneer DDJ-SZ firmware update.
**Requires an official Serato DJ interface, controller or mixer.

So while all controllers get better LED response (it was never bad to be honest), the most welcome update is the DDJ-SZ fix. I can only imagine how annoyed buyers of the most expensive controller in the market must have felt to be presented with poor response. Perhaps this is why review units have been thin on the ground. But it’s pretty cool that the CDJ-900NXS can work properly with HID though. I’m sure that the Serato forums will be lit up today if things aren’t as they should be with this release.

Sometimes, updates are about fixing and improving. I’m thinking that the rest of this year is going to be somewhat more exciting for Serato DJ.

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