Roland’s march into DJ land continues with a couple of smaller siblings for the rather lush DJ-808 Serato controller. The DJ-202 and DJ-505 aim to fill the entry and mid range gaps but still offer varying levels of what makes the DJ-808 so good.

So getting this out of the way quickly — we were broken into at home this morning, and my car was stolen. We’re fine, and it’s all getting sorted. So please forgive the brevity of this post. 

Click here for the DJ-505. £589.

And here for the DJ-202. £289.

First impressions — very tasty indeed, but it looks like Serato is aiming to replace partner/direct competitor* Pioneer DJ with another high end DJ and production oriented company. Once bitten and all that.

* Delete as necessary.

Q. Who else is wondering what a DJ-303 would be like? Perhaps DJ-808 plus DJ-303 = DJ 1111 is coming out on 11/11. Where do I start queuing?