Remix Decks Unlocked — Traktor Pro 2.6.2 live and direct

Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2.6.2 remix decks

Do you remember the kerfuffle when Native Instruments announced the Remix Decks idea? And that unlike everything else, it was very firmly off the mapping table? Well apparently with Traktor Pro 2.6.2, mapping Remix Decks is, amongst other things, very firmly ON the mapping table now.

Alongside the long awaited Remix Deck mapping, this release also makes Traktor compatible with the forthcoming Kontrol Z1 controller/mixer. Here’s the full rundown, painstaking copied from the info button in the NI Service Centre, because NI don’t seem to want to let people know that it’s actually out for some reason:


  • Integration of TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1
  • Overall performance and stability improvements


  • Fixed text input for Japanese characters (Windows)


  • Added controls for direct mapping of Remix Deck cells
  • Added controls for advanced Remix Deck features: Reverse, Quantize, Cell Load, Cell Delete and Cell Capture
  • “Invert” option now properly available for all control types


  • Timecode and deck related warning messages are now prominently displayed in the Deck Header
  • Added Flux Mode button to the Transport Section


  • Removed Mixer Headroom setting for External Mixer mode
  • Headroom setting of TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 no longer affects other devices


  • Improved timecode reliability when using Hot Cues (all media)
  • Improved resistance against record damage (Vinyl MK2)
  • Improved tracking alert warning (Vinyl MK2)
  • High Input warning (CD all)
  • Scroll-Zone unresponsiveness fixed (CD MK2)

About the Remix Decks

I don’t get to spend anywhere near enough time inside the belly of Traktor to know if the Remix Decks are any good or not. It does seem to be a feature that NI are pushing hard with a slew of Remix Deck packs, but doesn’t really feel like it’s getting any traction outside of controllerist communities like DJ Techtools. But it’s great that you can now map your favourite controller to use the full Remix Deck feature set, although you’re still going to need an RGB button enabled controller to get the fullest experience.

Native Instruments Traktor 2.6.2 remix decks

Having kicked this update around the inner circle of DJWORX however, mapping the Remix Decks is no walk in the park though. I’m certainly not about to try, but I’m sure one of us will report on our findings in detail. Personally, I’m more excited for the next full version of Traktor that hopefully will have more new and cool stuff for the wider Traktor user base.

Want Traktor Pro 2.6.2? Get to the Service Centre and it’s right there waiting. In the mean time, tell us your experiences of Remix Decks. Do you use them all the time? Or are they simply the province of more button based performers?

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