When effects became mainstream in DJ gear, it became our mission to make sure that effects with tails i.e. echoes, delays, reverbs etc were always post fader and didn’t cut off the effect when the fader was closed. But here we are, some 15 years later, and some manufacturers still think it’s OK to put out pre-fader only effects, especially on products for which the target audience is fader heavy and demands that the reverb they’ve applied to their cuts on the mixer that costs a kidney does the fundamentals right. But it is not OK, not by a long way. Thankfully Rane and Serato have extracted their digits and finally got post-fader Serato DJ pro effects working on the Rane Seventy Two.

Words from Rane about the firmware update, as well as early info on Serato DJ Pro v2.1 beta, and a new expansion pack called Play:


New public Beta firmware is being released in conjunction with Serato DJ Pro 2.1 Beta, bringing much sought-after post-fader software effects and a host of other features.

CUMBERLAND, RI USA (October 24th, 2018)—Rane DJ (Rane), the established innovator in the DJ industry, noted for their standard-setting solutions coupled with unequalled reliability and customer service, today announced the immediate availability of the public Beta version of their new 1.3 firmware for the revolutionary SEVENTY-TWO mixer. The new firmware is being released in conjunction with Serato’s new Beta DJ Pro 2.1 and DJ Lite 1.1.

Running both Beta versions delivers several new key features and improvements, including the highly sought-after Serato post-fader software effects, improved trigger response times and additional information on the SEVENTY-TWO ‘s heads-up display. The Serato DJ Pro 2.1 Beta software release will offer additional features such as a new Expansion Pack ‘Serato Play’ and support for ‘TIDAL’ streaming.

New/Updated Features of SEVENTY-TWO 1.3 Public Beta:

  • Added support for Serato Post-Fader FX
  • Improved pad response time and overall performance
  • Track end warning now displayed on waveform screen
  • Improved screen readout stability
  • Quick Auto-Loop triggers have been added to FX Encoder control while in waveform view
  • Add 3/4 time parameter to ECHO FX
  • Added Cue names to heads-up display
  • Improved settings menu workflow
  • Improved BPM alignment between Seventy-Two and Serato
  • Added Fader calibration reset in RANE control application (in Serato DJ Pro Beta install)
  • Added Fader start (SHIFT +)

New updated features for TWELVE

  • Reverse Function (required latest Serato DJ Pro 2.1 Beta)

In order to enjoy and test these new updates, RANE encourages users to download and try both beta releases, since some features like post fader effects require both to operate. If users only download one, then the updates will operate but with limited features. RANE reminds users that this is a Beta, so they recommended testing in a safe environment. Rolling back is as simple as installing the previous build.

Our goal was to greatly enhance the already amazing user interface and real-world performance of the SEVENTY-TWO mixer,” said Chris Roman, Senior Product Manager for RANE DJ. He added, ”This new 1.3 firmware takes the SEVENTY-TWO to a new level, enabling DJs to execute their ideas instantly and seamlessly, like never before.”

To access this firmware update, please register and download at the Rane DJ Forum: https://dj.rane.com/forums/. Feedback on this update as well as access to previous builds can be found here.


Software based or not, post fader effects should have been at the top of the list for a £1500 scratch mixer from day one. And I have no idea why 3/4 echo wasn’t a standard either. These are fundamentals.

I really don’t care for the technical reasons why, or whose responsibility it is. But I never want to see a product with tail effects that aren’t post fader, and ideally with the option of pre and post too. Have I been in any way unclear? Now go to your room. And I can hear you muttering under your breath too.

There’s obviously more to these releases than just post fader effects, although that would have been enough. I’m happy to see fader start, and realise that I’m likely to be the only person who is. But much of this will only work once Serato release their new beta.


It seems that Rane decided to force Serato’s hand and announced something before Serato really wanted to. The Serato DJ Pro v2.1 beta isn’t available yet, nor is there any PR about it.

But what is mysterious Serato Play expansion pack they’re talking about? I gleaned this from their Facebook post:

“A new Expansion Pack that enables advanced laptop-only DJing.”

That doesn’t really say much at all, but laptop only DJing isn’t something they’ve really done before. Laptop only logically implies working with audio interfaces, so does this foretell a new and more open age for Serato? Given that Traktor is back and rekordbox is giving Serato DJ Pro a lot to think about right now, opening up would make a lot of sense, especially as the competition is happily working with others, including Serato DJ Pro mixers.

That fact that people potentially may have to pay a further $99 to do what every other piece of DJ software has done since the dawn of the digital DJ age may not go down so well though. I’ll wait for the PR and hands-on before making any more comment. But I welcome a more open Serato DJ Pro. Time will tell.


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