Pioneer DJ's WeDJ for Android — no, the other Android

Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ for Android — no, the other Android

It’s been long established that mobile OS Android lags some way behind iOS in the audio field. But undaunted, Pioneer DJ has ploughed on battling the challenges thrown at them by Google’s software engineers and created an Find out more about WeDJ for Android. . And C3Po thinks it’s Christmas.

Here’s a ream of words that say WeDJ is available for Android:

Mix on the Move: WeDJ™ for Androidon Google Play –
Free1 app makes DJ performances easy and fun, wherever you go

26th September 2017: In response to popular demand, we’re releasing WeDJ for the Android operating system. The launch of the new version of the mobile app – which enables you to enjoy DJing anytime, anywhere – follows the success of the iPhone and iPad versions.

The Android app includes all the features of its iOS predecessors, allowing you to mix the music stored on your device as if you were using a hardware DJ set-up. Experience a fun new way of enjoying your favourite music by joining the world of DJing at home, at parties, or wherever you go.

WeDJ for Android is available in the Google Play Store from 26th September 2017. The app is free to download and involves in-app billing after a certain amount of use.

Connect the DDJ-WeGO4 or DDJ-WeGO3 controller to take your performances to the next level with hardware controls for all the WeDJ features.


WeDJ for Android is available on Google Play for free, with an introductory In-App Billing price of €0.89 until 9th October 2017. From then on, the In-App Billing price will be the regular price of €1.89.

Find out more about WeDJ for Android

KEY FEATURES OF WeDJ for Android on Google Play

1. Colourful animated user interface for easy and fun music mixing 

It’s easy to start mixing music with WeDJ, even if you have no experience. The display’s colourful, intuitive layout gives you visual feedback, making it easy to learn the basics of DJing. When you tap each button or scratch with the jog, you’ll see the corresponding animation. Plus, the colour of the waveforms and jog wheels change according to the colour of the album cover image, so you can easily keep track of what’s playing on each deck.

2. Performance features enable endless creativity

Make your sets unique with WeDJ’s EQs, Hot Cues, loops and sampler. You can add more texture to the music by tapping on the Pad FX pads, and with Combo FX you can blend two effects by tracing your finger on the x and y axes on the display. Two of these features can be displayed at the same time on each deck, so you can create different sounds without switching performance panels. You can display these two functions simultaneously on one deck, and can add a variety of arrangements without switching the screen2.

3. DDJ-WeGO4 support for tactile control 

The DDJ-WeGO4 controller is the ideal partner to WeDJ. When connected, the WeDJ display changes to a dedicated interface that’s optimised for use with the hardware. You can enjoy tactile control of WeDJ’s features by touching the DDJ-WeGO4’s jog wheels, faders and knobs. Everything you control, as well as waveforms and track information, will be shown on the screen of your Android device.

4. Flexible layout

Choose your preferred layout from the three options:

  • Two jog wheels
  • Enlarged horizontal waveforms
  • Enlarged vertical waveforms

5. Other features

  • Automix – Tap the Automix button and WeDJ will automatically mix in the next track before the end of the track that’s playing
  • Record – Capture your performances within the WeDJ app
  • On-board Loopmasters samples 
  • Layout choice – Select the screen size most suitable for your Android device

WeDJ system requirements

Version Android 4.4 or after3

1 Involves in-app billing
2 Applicable only for the tablet mode
3 Compatibility with all Android devices is not guaranteed, regardless of software version

Pioneer DJ's WeDJ for Android — no, the other AndroidI don’t have any Android devices, so it’s impossible for me to know if WeDJ manages to circumvent the issues laid out in Superpowered’s extensive research. But given that there are plenty of music and DJ apps for Android now, one would assume that the issues aren’t as bad as they once were. And one would also hope that it’s just a matter of time before those issues become a distant memory.

Pioneer DJ's WeDJ for Android — no, the other Android

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