Numark NTX1000 turntable (3)

When I returned to DJing, I did my pre-skratchworx research in 2002 and got a pair of the first Numark TTX1s in the UK. Granted, they initially suffered the motor issue, but have been my goto turntables for the last near decade and a half. So when news of a new Numark turntable hit my Skype screen, I was suitably interested. But the new NTX1000 turntable occupies a different space to the TTX, and one that aims to give the super OEMs a run for their money, and the market a little more bang for the buck.

A short amount of words follows — it’s not like we don’t know what turntables do:


World’s leading innovator of DJ solutions introduces turntable perfectly suited to demanding professional gigs, with highest starting torque, 12” platter and rugged, precision tonearm.

Cumberland, RI USA (March 13, 2017)— Numark (, the world’s leading innovator of DJ solutions, today announced the introduction of its new NTX1000 Professional Direct-Drive Turntable. Recognizing a critical need in the marketplace for a professional turntable that capitalizes on the resurgent popularity of vinyl for DJ gigs, while also being mindful of the need for both versatility and value, the NTX1000 direct-drive turntable has all the features and performance demanded by the professional DJ.

It has incredible start-up torque (4kg), an S-shaped tone arm with height adjustment, damped cueing and anti-skate controls that ensure accurate tracking and precise song selection. DJs can customize their performance with an adjustable start/stop control. The variable pitch range of ± 8, 16, and 50% enables any DJ to create the perfect effect. Plus, the NTX1000’s special isolation design easily resists feedback and external vibrations, even in the loud, bass-heavy environment where the professional DJ lives.

Key Features

  • Full-size 12-inch 2.5-lb platter ensures rock-steady speed accuracy
  • Professional 4.0 KGF/CM high-torque motor
  • 2-speed: design: 33 1/3, 45 RPM
  • S-shaped tonearm for accurate tracking
  • Damped cueing and anti-skate control
  • Adjustable pitch range ±8%, 16%, 50%
  • Start and stop brake controls
  • Dust cover included
  • Switchable power, 100~230V, 50~60Hz

“This is a no-excuses, professional-level turntable that takes a back seat to no one in terms of performance, versatility and rugged design,” said Chris Roman, Senior Product Manager for Numark. “Pro DJs will especially love its amazing start-up torque and adjustable pitch. With this turntable, the performance, features and value are unsurpassed—meaning everyone can just concentrate on the fun!”

US retail for NTX1000 is 399.00. It will be available in Q3 2017.

Numark NTX1000 turntable (4)


We’re neck-deep in the damned things now, and they more or less do much the same thing with different degrees of cosmetic differences and manufacturer-ordered tweaks. The thing that really bothers me the most is just how closely they all adhere to the Technics blueprint. It’s been shown by Vestax and Numark that turntables don’t have to look like a 1200 to be able to play records.

This is why I have such regard for Numark when it comes to product design. They’ve established an ID and they’re sticking with it. And while the NTX1000 does have all the usual features in all the right places, the overall look is different. The chassis shape for example with the recessed ins and outs shows that Numark wants to do things their way. I just like that it can sit next to other Numark units and look at home. A little more red detailing would help it fit in with the rest of the Numark rage a little more.

Price wise, this is gunning for the Pioneer DJ PLX-500, as well as turning the heads of potential super OEM purchasers who don’t want or need the frippery associated with the higher price tag. I’m all for a more affordable turntable that works.



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