Numark Mixtrack Pro — it’s a steal. Literally.

Woman steals Numark Mixtrack Pro GIF

I’ve heard about all manner of things getting stolen at trade shows. Headshells were always a favourite, but as the years have passed, light-fingered urchins have helped themselves to mixers and laptops right off a stand. It’s not that difficult really — there’s a lot of activity, and gear on stands is getting moved around all the time. So blending in with everything else that’s going on isn’t too much of a problem.

But this woman in a music shop is about as brazen as I’ve seen. A quick look, and the Numark Mixtrack Pro… well just disappears. That’s quite a large thing for anyone to hide, let alone a slim woman in a coat, but it just vanishes. It’s like David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear.

No idea on where this was shot, or if she got caught. Perhaps she’s graduated from the entry level Mixtrack and is working in a way to conceal a Pioneer DDJ-SX, or maybe is waiting for the new Numark NS7 II to make an appearance. Good luck getting a pair of speakers out of the shop unnoticed. At least we have a little more insight into the stellar success of the Mixtrack Pro. There’s probably organised gangs of parents stealing controllers to order to satisfy the new wave of young DJs. Serato DJ Intro is free to download after all… ;)

Over to you — do you have any stories to share about DJ gear going missing from shops or stands?

Link: 9GAG