NOSTALGIA: “I had one of those” and other stories

While posting my #djgearfromyesteryear series, a few things have become abundantly clear:

  • People have bought a huge amount of gear over the years
  • To some degree, they wish they’d never parted with some of it
  • Nostalgia is heartwarmingly essential in tough times

I’m absolutely certain that a good number of you have dug under your bed, in the back of cupboards, or in dark and dusty attics/garages to dig out long-forgotten DJ gear from yesteryear. This could be to reminisce, have a long overdue clear out of your old shit, or just to make a few quid on eBay while income slows down. 

Old DJ Gear Nostalgia (2)
Back in 1957, the world wasn’t ready for the first NS7 prototype*

*Probably made up fact


What I want to know is:

  • What have you found? Pictures are good.
  • Are there things you’ve forgotten about?
  • Why did you keep them in the first place?
  • Are you transported back to a different time?
  • Or have you simply been reminded of why that battered piece of crap ended up hidden from view all over again?

And another question — is there a piece of gear that you feel should be made again? Would you make it exactly the same or update it to bring it up to modern standards? Try to keep it within the realms of a tweak than a full redesign though.

Off you go then.