NI announce… a Traktor DJ cable. No really.

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While we collectively look to certain companies in the DJ industry to be visionary leaders and to create the roadmap for future generations of digital DJs, sometimes these companies just put out regular useful products to reinforce the brand. And Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ Cable is just that. Why not Kable?

Despite being the most obvious of products, NI still took the time to put out a video. To the more experienced, this is a no-brainer product, but to newbies coming into the DJ game all fresh-faced, understanding about cueing and suchlike does requite some explanation.

[youtube id=”fwONtshTCbE”]

Native Instruments introduces TRAKTOR DJ CABLE

Native Instruments presents quality audio splitter cable for track pre- listening when DJing on mobile setups

Berlin, August 13, 2013 – Native Instruments today released TRAKTOR DJ CABLE – the compact audio splitter designed to complement mobile DJ setups on iPhone, iPad or laptops. Following the global success of the iOS app TRAKTOR DJ, TRAKTOR DJ CABLE now offers new and seasoned DJs alike a simplified solution that splits audio from TRAKTOR’s virtual decks into two outputs. When used with TRAKTOR DJ or TRAKTOR PRO 2, this allows headphone track cueing – essential for fluid mixing. Following over 5 million TRAKTOR DJ downloads in the short months since its release, TRAKTOR DJ CABLE adds to the growing list of products delivering quality, portability, and is perfect for DJing anytime, anywhere.

Using TRAKTOR DJ CABLE is easy. By connecting the CABLE into the output of an iOS device, it is instantly recognized in TRAKTOR. Clearly marked headphone and amplifier outputs make it simple to know where to connect each cable. Built with a silver plated, oxygen-free copper cable and gold plated terminals, the TRAKTOR DJ CABLE is designed to the highest quality standards. TRAKTOR DJ CABLE also works with other iOS DJ software for the most compact, road-ready DJ setup.

Pricing and availability

TRAKTOR DJ CABLE is now available at retailers worldwide and at the NI Online Shop for $19.99 / 19.99 € / ¥ 2100.

Full caps overload – no need to shout!

Uncharacteristically, NI have broken no new ground here. Indeed, it’s just a regular audio splitter to create 2 mono channels from a single stereo one. It’s identical to the algoroddim Griffin DJ Cable and Urban Ears Slüssen, but with a Traktor logo on it. Yes, you’ve been able to buy audio splitters for a dog’s age on eBay for a fiver, but this does at least look like it’ll take a sustained beating.

I can’t leave this story without drawing an obvious comparison, brought about by NI’s own photography. I don’t think a DNA test is necessary do you?

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