NEW: MixVibes CrossDJ 2.0 details

MixVibes CrossDJ 2 release

Having followed the progress of MixVibes almost since day 1, I’m really pleased to see that everything seems to be dropping into place for them now. There was a period of time where their range and product was confused and messy. But with Cross came more clarity – stripped right back to basics, and each feature added in measured steps, so much so that Pioneer latched onto them and together they made rekordbox. And now with MixVibes CrossDJ 2.0, it seems like they’re ready to stand toe to toe with the big boys.

CrossDJ 2 sees their product streamlined, improved and advanced, at times beyond what is available in other competitive packages.

The usual demo video featuring Polocorp putting the plethora of knobs and pads on the Vestax VCI-400 to good use:

There’s also a rather more tutorialish clip too:

…and one all about the hot new sampler:

NEW: MixVibes CrossDJ 2.0 details

MixVibes Release CrossDJ 2.0

NEW: MixVibes CrossDJ 2.0 details

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MixVibes is proud to announce the latest update to its powerful CrossDJsoftware. Jam-packed with innovative features, a modular user interface, a brand newsampler and stunning effectsCrossDJ 2.0 has been specially developed to help DJs of all levels realize maximum creative potential.MixVibes has been releasing professional DJing software for the last 10 years and is the company behind CrossDJ, CrossDJ for iPad and Pioneer’s Rekordbox. CrossDJis a pro software, offering DVS and compatible with most of the market’s MIDI controllers. It works with Mac and PC.

– Remix your tracks

CrossDJ 2.0 opens new doors to creativity with the addition of two8-pad sampler decks. A fundamental component of modern composition and performance, this new feature enables hot samples or favourite sampled beats to be incorporated in a live mix. Due to the fact all DJs are used to making transitions between the left and right deck, MixVibes’ new LINK concept couples each sampler to its respective player. Don’t worry about mis-launching samples, CrossDJ’s LINK makes sure all events will be following the related deck.

CrossDJ 2.0’s new quantize facility means all hot cues, loops or samples will be spot on, even if played slightly before or after the beat. The quantize function can be applied to either a player or a sampler. When activated, rhythmic errors disappear and the audio mix will flow seamlessly.

CrossDJ 2.0 gives more room to improvisation without ever missing your mix.

The update also offers a powerful control of CrossDJ 2.0’s14 audio FX, thanks to 2 new FX units with FX assignation and the ability to change the depth of an effect as well as the amount applied. A new bipolar filter is included, which can be directly accessed via a separate mixer control.

– Key Features of CrossDJ 2.0

8 pad Sampler: Sampling has always been a fundamental component of modern music composing and performance. CrossDJ 2.0 offers 8 sampler pads which opens new doors for all types of DJs. The BPM of samples can be linked with the speed of a player. Sample sets can be saved as a single file. Therefore you can now browse and manage sample sets exactly like tracks.

3 sample play modes: Each sample can be played either as a loop (repeat), 1-shot, or for as long as you hold the pad down.

Unlimited sample banks: Samples and sample-banks are part of the user’s collection database for optimal browsing comfort, which means you can access sample banks and load them on the fly from the sampler deck. You can even save sample banks in the collection and save hot sample banks as new .wav files.

Hot samples: Pressing the next empty sample pad will create a hot sample on-the-fly, using the currently set loop value in the player. Insert a sample of your favorite track during its playback or introduce the next one thanks to Hot Samples…

Sample rolling frequency: This functions allows you to control the playback frequency of your samples (every ‘X’ or ‘1/x’ beats) to create a looping sequence. For instance, play a sample of 4 beats every 16 beats or shorten it.

Quantize: A professional live performance feature which corrects human rhythmic errors. This means that if you play a sample slightly early or late relative to the beat, it will be synced automatically to it. The quantizing granularity values range from 1/8 beat to 16 beats and can be applied to either a player or a sampler.

2 FX units : 14 audio effects are now controlled with two parameters. The 2 new FX units can now either be applied to the players, the sampler decks or the master output.

Bipolar filters : A single knob high-pass / low-pass filters is directly integrated to the mixer.

8 Loop-Locators: Locators now serve as hot cues or can also trigger a preset loop. This professional option mimics the standard Pioneer CDJ behavior.

Cross fader Assigning: Players and samplers are assigned by default to the cross-fader but can also bypass it to directly feed the master output.

Modular user interface: The layout engine has been reviewed and improved. A modular software appearance has been developed with extra care to rapidly hide or display the relevant tools needed for a particular mix.

Eric Guez C.E.O. of MixVibes: At MixVibes, we are in constant contact with producers and artists and have a perfect understanding of the ever-evolving needs of Digital DJs. With CrossDJ 2.0 we want to offer DJs the possibility to take advantage of the creative time that the sync and beat match features offer. Digital DJs can now further explore and focus on performance using samples, loops and effects.”

Cross (CrossDJ with timecode vinyl record and CD support) receives the same 2.0 feature set.

CrossDJ was developed by the same professional software team who developed ‘Cross’, awarded ‘Best DJing Software’ in 2010 and 2011 the MIXMOVE awards in Paris. MixVibes has been providing DJs with professional solutions for over 10 years.


CrossDJ: 29€ / 39USD / 29£
Cross (vinyl and CD timecoded record support): 79€ / 99 USD / 79 £
Cross and CrossDJ 2.0 are free upgrades for current customers

– Video Tutorials 

Fundamentals Tutorial –
Sampler Feature Tutorial –

– About MixVibes

MixVibes is an international DJing solution provider whose headquarters are in Paris, France. This company is a global player in the software and electronics audio/video products market for Home and Professional DJs.

So MixVibes get with the program and add samples, but do it in style. 8 slots that can be one shots or loops and all synced and linked across 4 channels – yay CrossDJ is playing in the big leagues now. There’s also all the library goodness filtering through from rekordbox, as well as great flexibility with layout a la The One and the forthcoming Virtual DJ 8. Factor in the filters, new effects and MIDI mapping, you have a package that is very much worthy of your attention.

And here’s the real gem – CrossDJ 2 is available as a free upgrade, and the standard software costs just $39/€29/£29 to buy. And with DVS support it’s only $99/€79/£79. I know there’s a few readers who swear by Cross, and I for one am very keen to give it a solid going over, especially with all the new features. I feel that the deciding factor will be how well it can be mapped with existing controllers. If it can offer comparable performance to Traktor with non-NI controllers, then it may well begin to turn a few heads, especially if solid compatibility and performance is just one map away.

Do you use Cross? Would you try it for the price?

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