Morph — a celeb DJ we can love all over again

[youtube id=”8idlS_l2noE”]

At the risk of alienating the 85% of our non-UK readership that might not have a clue what I’m talking about, one of the key memories of my childhood (just) was Take Hart, a really cool art program that encouraged kids to draw and paint. In this program was Morph, so named because he could change his shape, and along with his sidekick Chas, they appeared in a series of shorts. And now Morph is back, and arrives on the wheels of steel.

morph turntables

Yes, they were stupid, but we loved them. So it’s really nice to see Morph and Chas back after such a long absence. I love the nostalgia of seeing them again, as well as coming back on a pair of 1200s.