Mastersounds Radius 4 analogue rotary mixer (4)

The Radius 4 — more rotary mixer magic from Mastersounds

Having laid my hands on the small but perfectly Mastersounds Radius 2 rotary mixer in the Worxlab a few months ago, my mind did the usual logical extension of product names. And turning my head coyly, I asked Ryan Shaw “and a Radius 4?”, to which Ryan smiled and confirmed that it was coming soon. And soon is actually now for the all-British made Radius 4 rotary mixer has just been announced.

“MasterSounds and Union Audio continue their successful partnership with the Radius 4 analogue rotary DJ mixer”

In November 2016 MasterSounds launched the Radius 2 analogue rotary DJ mixer in collaboration with Union Audio to a rapture of global praise. Fast forward seven months and the Radius 4 is now here, a product ready to build upon the Radius 2’s worldwide success.

The Radius 4 has been developed by Union Audio at their Cornwall based workshops. Andy Rigby-Jones, former head of design for the world-renowned Allen & Heath Xone DJ mixer range, has personally designed, built and tested the analogue electronics, whilst MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw’s family owned metalworking factory manufactures the mixers outer casing.

Each mixer is lovingly hand built, tested and shipped direct from Union Audio, ensuring the ultimate in quality, reliability and performance.

Andy says; “Just like the Radius 2, the Radius 4’s signal path features pure high-end analogue topology for minimal distortion, low noise floor and high headroom, aided by only using components of the highest quality”.

With more than twenty years experience of DJing, as well as a background in design and manufacturing, MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw says, “The Radius 4 is a fabulous addition to the MasterSounds range and is a response to customers who love the Radius 2’s unique design, but require 4 channels when DJing”.

The Radius 4 offers a fantastic clean, open and dynamic sound on both LINE and RIAA inputs across all 4 channels, as well as great usability. The mixer features easy-reading back lit VU Meters, a responsive Master EQ/Isolator, a smooth natural sounding Hi-Pass Filter, and Aux Send on each channel.

A new and unique feature is the ability to reconfigure the Aux Return Jacks as a Mix Buss Insert, giving the user unparalleled flexibility for FX integration, simply at the press of a button.

And last but not least, the addition of two Mic inputs gives the Radius 4 the club standard specification seal of approval.

This is a premium product for true music lovers that comes in at a competitive price point given the dedication, quality and love that has, and will continue to go, into each hand-built unit.

Prices start at £1450 including VAT, and £1600 including VAT for the even higher specification version.
Both available in black and silver colour options.


The Radius 4 — more rotary mixer magic from Mastersounds 3
The full Mastersounds Radius family.

That rotary mixer you wanted…

…is here. The main comment I got back from seeing the Radius 2 was that people wanted a four channel version. So here it is, essentially a Radius 2 with a couple of extra channels. Well it’s not just that — the return path can be modified to act as an insert, so now you can have a fully effected audio path or a combined one. Choice is good. There’s also a couple of mic inputs, making the Radius 4 a better fit for a wider audience, especially clubs.

There are two colour ways (black and silver) as well as two build qualities, a detail I’m getting clarified with Ryan at Mastersounds as it’s not clear from the PR. A standard Radius 4 will cost £1450, with the premium edition coming in at £1600.



Which would you go for — black or silver?