Jetpack Cut bag — making portablism that little bit more portable

Portablism by nature is about being portable, something that lends itself to having a bag to make portablist gear more… um portable right? Obviously there’s a world of bags from the usual sources that would most ably carry the small range of standard portablist units. But firm turntablist favourite Jetpack has capitalised on the scene’s need to be mobile and made a bag designed explicitly for the purpose.

From the outside, the Jetpack Cut is a rather unassuming piece of luggage, with a definite function over for feel to it. But when you open it up, you can see how it’s going to become a firm favourite with portablists. Designed to be adjustable for the Vestax Handy Trax and Numark’s PT01 Scratch, there seems to be a space for everything that a portablist might need, especially the standard selection of 45s.

Of course being Jetpack, you can have all the usual logo customisation action (for an extra $85) happening too, direct from the Jetpack site when you order. Speaking of which, time is running out on snagging a pre-order discounted price — normally the Jetpack Cut is $149.99, but if you’re quick (and I mean really quick), you can get one for $99.99.


I had a crazy thought while writing this. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a speaker built into this bag? Orbit has an optional battery back that goes with all their bags, and if it were possible to somehow squeeze a flat panel speaker into the Cut bag somewhere, that would make it into a complete portablist go anywhere product. It’s a silly throwaway idea that’s probably impractical, but it would be interesting to run with it and see if has legs.


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