vestax qfo controller one how many were made

Yesterday, the Worxlab welcomed an industry legend through its doors. Toshi Nakama from Vestax is responsible for more DJ gear innovation than I care to name. And he travelled from the other end of the UK to spend a few hours at DJWORX HQ, and give me a glimpse of the future. Trust me, it’s good but that’s all I’m saying.

Now, we pride ourselves on delivering facts. We don’t deal in hearsay or wishy washy unsubstantiated rumours. So when the opportunity to get answers from the horse’s mouth arose, I took it. So I asked the man who should really know above anyone else in the whole world — just how many Vestax QFOs and Controller Ones were made?

Toshi Nakama Vestax

I’d always heard that it was 50 C1s and 500 QFOs. But it seems that there were more — 100 Controller Ones were made, and 800 different types of QFOs are in circulation. These are still small numbers in the whole scheme of things though, and does explain why these units fetch some silly sums of cash. But there’s no denying the pulling power. I had a QFO for a while and loved it, but it was taking up valuable space in the original home based Worxlab. If only I’d kept it now… oh well.

So now you know officially the real deal with the long standing question. You’re welcome.