How do you store your cables and gear?

Look after your cables, and they’ll look after you.”

I’ve mentioned it before, but this nugget of wisdom has probably been the most impactful on my life as a DJ. Since then, I’ve always taken time to wrap my cables and wires, and stored them carefully. I also regularly check or any damage or if anything is getting tangled or caught.

How do you store your cables and gear?

My own method for wrapping seems controversial, apparently. I keep folding the wire in halves, until it’s short enough, then tie the bundle in a knot, which keeps it together and space efficient. And, as is enshrined in the laws of the universe, I gleefully maintain my required Random Drawer Of Cables I Probably Won’t Ever Need Again.

How do you store your cables and gear?
Yes… yes. There are reviews of both the S4 emkay three and S2 emkay three on the way!

Similarly for my equipment. Anything I know I won’t be using gets stacked up out-of-the-way safely, and stuff that gets switched out is leaned up against the wall on my DJ desk. One recent change I made is that I started keeping some of the original boxes, which get stored in the loft. I ended up with a Decksaver along with the Ableton Push I gratefully inherited from Ray Arkaei and got hold of a set for my 1210s, my mixer, and the Volcas, which made me a convert to their usefulness. I do still feel a little bit uncomfortable with their cost, though.

Your take

How do you store your cables and equipment? Show us your beautiful cable management and storage. Do religiously keep all your gear boxes? Swear by Decksavers? Give us your pictures and stories!