Fong Fong and iPad and djay and Mixtour

Following up on last week’s cracking performance from DJ Sara using the Reloop Beatpad 2 and djay Pro for Mac, there’s a fresh video from Reloop utilising the splendid skills of DJ Fong Fong. This time it goes a step further and dispenses with physical jog wheels and instead relies on the feature set of the Reloop Mixtour controller twinned with the iPad version of algoriddim’s djay.

I’m not saying it’s every going to replace turntables and a mixer, but this is a pretty sweet performance using this technology. Given the flexibility that an app can offer, there’s a part of me that would take this over a Handy Trax from a portable perspective. Give me a jog wheel and a fader in a single unit that I can run from an iPhone that feels like the Reloop Beatpad 2 and I’m sold.

DJ Fong Fong Reloop Mixtour algoriddim djay

Well done to Fong Fong for stepping up to use something other than turntables. His skills on vinyl are established anyway, but it’s nice to see talent translated to other technology. From personal experience of making algoriddim’s videos, I can attest as to how quickly apps and mobile devices are improving. Because of latency, scratching used to be a nightmare on them. But I’ve found it to be much better in recent times, and will only improve too.

Aaaaand cue predictably dull comments about real DJs, vinyl, toys etc in 3… 2… 1…