While the vinyl buying world has developed very deep pockets for 180g limited edition luxuriously packaged reissues of crap they’d previously skimmed right past in charity shops, it’s good to see somebody not luring people into this trap. DJ Woody‘s creative output continues, and pays homage to that bastion of the covers of 70s and 80s music mags — the venerable flexi disk.

Flexicuts” is indeed a flexi disk, about as far from 180g 12″ vinyl as you can get. It largely adopts the common vernacular for 7″ scratch releases:

Introducing ‘FLEXICUTS’ by DJ Woody, the World’s first skip-proof 7” Flexi Disc scratch tool!

Half the price and twice the fun, FLEXICUTS brings you 10 new and original skip proof scratch sentences plus 1 regular scratch sentence.

Arranged at 83.33bpm and pressed at 33.33rpm.
1 sided translucent red Flexi Disc with silver foil graphic, comes in hand stamped ’sweetie-bag’.

Regular slipmats can effect the movement of a Flexi Disc on a portable turntable so simply use a plastic slip-sheet for a slipmat.

I love the hand stamped paper bag approach too. The portablist movement has a very home brew approach, and this release typifies it perfectly.

FLEXICUTS by DJ Woody – scratch samples

Samples from my new scratch record… FLEXICUTS – 'The World’s first skip-proof 7” Flexi Disc scratch tool'. Crazy cheap at only £6.50 plus P&P.AVAILABLE NOW: http://djwoody.bigcartel.com/product/flexicuts-by-dj-woody-7-flexi-disc-scratch-tool

Posted by DJ Woody on Tuesday, 20 June 2017

You can grab it directly from Woody’s Big Cartel page for the paltry sum of £6.50. And while you wait for it to arrive, here’s a clip of Woody in action with Flexicuts.


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