EXCLUSIVE: DJ Tech’s limited edition Thud Rumble TR-1S Mixer

DJ Tech Thud Rumble TR-1S scratch Mixer DJ Qbert Innofader (7)

Sometimes, the stars align and a sequence of random events come together and make special things happen for a lot of people. And when scratch legend DJ Qbert decided that DJ Tech’s DIF-1S scratch mixer was the best thing since sliced bread at NAMM, he decided to shout about it on Youtube. Thus DJ Tech got an unsolicited big-up from the very guy who most manufacturers would give their right arm to have on-board. Result. But the relationship has continued to grow, to the point where Thud Rumble now have their own very limited edition version of said mixer, called the Thud Rumble TR-1S.

The TR-1S is mechanically identical to the existing DIF-1S, but screams turntablist like nothing else on this earth. The whole box and mixer are Thud Rumble branded, and it can only be bought through official Thud Rumble channels, for $199.99. No word at this time about international orders. I’m sure all will be revealed once it hits the Thud Rumble store.

Side note for the old school heads — it’s been 10 years since the Vestax Atom was first talked about in hushed tones around these parts. The Atom, along with the Warlord were joint Thud/Vestax projects that didn’t quite see the light of day. The Warlord made it to prototype, but nothing was seen of the Atom. But this TR-1S is probably what the Atom would have been. Now you know.

I’m sure some of you will be chomping at the bit and shouting “just take my money” at the Thud Rumble webshop. I’m told it’ll be available in the next few weeks, with a slew of Thud PR coming soon.