Epsilon Pro Inno-propak djt-1300 turntable mini innofader inno-mix 2 (1)

Epsilon Inno-Propak — decks and a mini Innofader mixer

epsilon Pro Innopropak

Everyone has to start somewhere. This is true for DJs taking the first tentative steps into DJing, and for those staking their claim for some market share in the DJ industry. First making a blip on the radar at NAMM 2014, US-based Epsilon-Pro specialises in cost-effective sound and light solutions, and has announced the Inno-Propak, a bundle containing a pair of DJT-1300 turntables and a mini-Innofader equipped INNO-MIX 2 mixer for $799. And it comes in black and white too.

First the words:

Uncompromised performance, unprecedented price

Montebello, CA (August 26, 2014) – Epsilon-Pro announces a complete DJ turntable package consisting of two DJT-1300 turntables and the INNO-MIX 2, a 2-channel DJ mixer.

“The INNO-PROPAK features all of the tools every true professional Scratch DJ is looking for including; iNNO-Fader Cross-Fader with Reverse, TRS Balance Master Outputs, Kill Switches and 2- High Torque 3.5kg Direct Drive Battle Style USB Turntables” said Epsilon General Manager Phil Lentini.   “The Analog/Digital capabilities, coupled with the high-quality design features of both the DJT-1300 and the INNO-MIX 2, delivers uncompromised performance at a unprecedented price“- Lentini added.

DJT-1300 Highlights:

  • Direct-drive motor that possesses an extremely high torque of 3.7kg/cm
  • USB output, large dual instant start/stop buttons for custom battle style with electronic brake
  • Instant adjustable pitch control buttons at +/- 10%, 20% and 50%
  • Playback speeds of 33 1/3, 45 and 78
  • Phono and line outputs
  • Removable LED target light
  • Static balanced tone arm with detachable head shell

The iNNO-FADER is the most rugged cross-fader available built to withstand more than 4 million cycles offering contactless design with precise, smooth and fast transitioning between channels.

INNO-MIX 2 Highlights:

  • Built-in mini iNNO-FADER cross-fader
  • Cross-fader reverse with slope adjustment
  • 3 band EQ with 100% kill for high, mid and low
  • Individual 100% instant kill buttons for high, mid and low, cross-fader start
  • Balanced TRS ¼” master outputs and ¼” headphone output

The INNO-PROPAK is currently available in black or white for $799.99. For more information visit www.epsilon-pro.com.

$800 for a very capable scratch setup — that’s not too shabby. DJ Ricky Jay certainly shows off the setup in the above video. The DJT-1300 is super OEM manufacturer Hanpin’s funkier take on the turntable market. I’ve used other manufacturer’s versions and really like them. The INNO-MIX 2 is new to me though — I thought that DJ Tech’s DIF-1S was the only budget mixer with a mini Innofader, so I’m expecting good things from this mixer.

Being a new US-based company, I’m not too clear about getting Epsilon gear elsewhere, but if you want more info, drop by the Epsilon-Pro site. They’re definitely one to keep an eye on.