Ever since the moment I set my eyes on one, I coveted a Vestax VRX2000 vinyl cutter. Last year, this craving was sated and said massive lump of cutting goodness was installed into the worxlab, but sadly it seems to be in less than perfect working order with little hope of getting it going again (I’ll keep trying though as I have boxes of blanks). But hope of owning a vinyl cutter that actually works looks possible again — the DRC (Desktop Record Cutter) from machine.pro has popped up on Kickstarter, and aims to deliver the very thing that I’ve wanted to do and a dog’s age.

This project is coming on leaps and bounds Having rapidly jumped from v1 to v2 to release model 3, the DRC seems to be approaching the final production stage, which is what the Kickstarter campaign is for. As ever, there are different levels of rewards, including dropping $6750 AUD (around US $5600/£3600) get you a finished DRC, but the relatively paltry $10K AUD get ploughed into the project to make it become a practical reality for the full run of units.

drc desktop record cutter kickstarter

As a realised product, the projected price is $6500 US, but should more money raised by Kickstarter, the lower the final price will be. Either way, the DRC taps right into the current upward trend of vinyl. Here’s hoping it becomes a reality and people can cut their own one-offs.

Meanwhile, I’ll get back to getting the VRX working. I’ve got around 100 blanks to burn through.

Source: Mixmag