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djay Pro for iPad — punching way above its weight

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For the last couple weeks, I’ve been wearing my movie maker’s trousers and shooting a couple of videos for algoriddim’s latest and greatest incarnation of their iOS djay app. Having seen djay Pro step up to the plate and bring a bunch of professional features to the OS X platform, I did wonder what djay for iOS would develop into. And it’s fair to say that djay Pro for iPad completely exceeds expectations.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have been algoriddim’s video guy for a few years now. I’m not involved in the product but do get paid for my services. Do with that information what you will, but rest assured that any opinion I offer is my own and not bought.

Having got that out of the way, let’s see what they have to say:


Algoriddim Unveils djay Pro for iPad

Desktop-­Class DJ & VJ Application Designed Exclusively for iPad Pro

(MUNICH, Germany) – December 09, 2015 ­ Algoriddim, creators of the the world’s best selling DJ app with over 20 million downloads, today released djay Pro. The first professional grade app to fully leverage the advanced audio and video capabilities of the new iPad Pro, djay Pro includes a suite of sophisticated desktop­class features including 4 Decks, HD Waveforms, and Video Mixing.

Building upon the rock­-solid foundation of the Apple Design Award winning app djay, the sheer performance of iPad Pro enables a host of new features that were previously impossible. djay Pro stretches the limits of audio visual performance on a mobile device, including mixing of up to 4 audio tracks, plus two simultaneous 4K video streams, all rendered in pristine sound quality and with brilliant video output in full HD, at 60 frames per second. Moreover, djay Pro for iPad works with the Smart Keyboard offering over 70 keyboard shortcuts for cue points, looping, library navigation, search, and more. This takes the best of both worlds, desktop and iPad, and melds them together for an unparalleled experience.

djay Pro’s advanced iOS 9 Multitasking capabilities let the user quickly open another app and interact with it without leaving djay Pro. This improves the preparation and performance workflow by allowing DJs to take notes about a tracklist or write down song requests on­the­fly. With Split View, users can go a step further and have djay Pro plus another app open and active at the same time.

“iPad Pro sets a whole new standard for music and video creativity on a mobile device,” said Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim. “Every element, from the A9X chip plus the graphics processor to the Smart Keyboard, has enabled us to introduce unprecedented pro level features that combine the best of touch with tactile control. djay Pro gives performing DJs and visual artists endless flexibility to take their sets to new heights.”

At the heart of djay Pro is an innovative, modern user interface that provides flexible layers of functionality alongside a powerful music library. It features advanced performance modes including horizontal and vertical colored waveforms, live sampler and drum pads, FX racks, as well as a powerful four deck view that allows DJs to play, mix, slice, and synchronize up to four tracks simultaneously.

The all­-new video mode in djay Pro allows users to apply visualizers to their music and mix videos in real-­time, all with stunning transitions, visual FX, plus title and image overlays. It also comes with extensive pre­bundled video content so users can get creative right away. Additionally, users can quickly record video on-­the-­fly using the iPad’s built-­in camera and combine it with their music for a personalized music video creation. The 1080p video output can be saved as a high quality movie recording in real­time, displayed on an external monitor through HDMI, or streamed wirelessly via AirPlay.

The innovative music library in djay Pro enables DJs to seamlessly combine the Spotify catalog with their local music and video tracks, as well as files stored in iCloud Drive or Dropbox, into a single library. This provides unprecedented flexibility for song selection to DJs and VJs no matter where the user’s content is located. Furthermore, djay Pro’s music library includes an advanced song recommendation engine powered by The Echo Nest which suggests tracks that go well with what the DJ is currently playing based on danceability, BPM, key, music style, and how well the song mixes with the currently playing track.

Over 30 state­-of-­the-­art audio effects by Sugar Bytes are available via In­-App Purchase. DJs can beat­synchronize and chain multiple effect units on up to four decks simultaneously allowing for unprecedented creative expression. A host of new audio analysis and editing features powered by audEERING allow users to view and edit beat grids with sample accurate precision.

djay Pro integrates seamlessly with professional DJ hardware supporting select controllers by Pioneer DJ, Numark, Reloop, and other manufacturers right out of the box.

Even better, Cue Points, beat grid edits, metadata, and FX purchases from iOS and Mac versions of djay will automatically sync over iCloud to djay Pro bridging the experience between consumer and pro. DJs can now prepare for their DJ sets no matter where they are and no matter which device they are using.

Over the past 10 years, Algoriddim established itself as a leading innovator of DJ software winning the Apple Design Award, App of the Year, and more than 8 Editors’ Choice awards from the App Store and Google Play across 5 different platforms.

Working with top tier hardware brands, Algoriddim has made DJing accessible to millions of users around the globe. djay Pro for iPad opens a new chapter for professional DJs and VJs as the first solution to truly leverage the capabilities of iPad Pro.


Built for iPad Pro

  • Smart Keyboard integration (over 70 keyboard shortcuts)
  • Advanced iOS 9 Multitasking integration (Slide Over, Split view, and Portrait modes)
  • Full HD video capture and rendering (1080p)
  • Support for 4K videos
  • AirPlay Integration
  • iPad camera integration
  • 60 frames per second graphics rendering
  • iCloud integration: syncs cue points, grid edits, and metadata with iOS and Mac versions of djay

Video Integration

  • Video mixing and scratching
  • Camera integration to record custom clips on the fly
  • Transitions
  • Music Visualizers
  • Visual FX
  • Title & image overlays
  • A/V recording
  • Support for external displays and AirPlay
  • Video library with pre­bundled content

Spotify Integration

  • Instant access to over 20 million songs
  • Playlists, Songs, Charts, Browse
  • Match: cloud­based song recommendations powered by The Echo Nest
  • Instant access to BPM and Key information through the cloud
  • Advanced audio streaming technology: ultra­low latency, advanced effects, on­the­fly analysis
  • Supports streams of up to 320 kbps bitrate

Hardware Integration

  • Native support for DJ controllers including Reloop Beatpad, Reloop Beatpad 2, Pioneer DDJ­WeGO, Numark Mixdeck Quad, Numark iDJ Pro, and others
  • Support for multi­channel USB audio interfaces

Official Video:

App Store Link:­pro­ipad

Official Website:­pro­ipad


$19.99 time­limited, introductory pricing (regular $29.99)


djay Pro is compatible with any iPad running iOS 8 or later.

djay + Spotify:

A Spotify Premium subscription is required to access the Spotify music catalog. A 30 day free trial of Spotify Premium is available to all djay users. To learn more about using Spotify with djay, visit


It’s more or less the complete djay Pro for Mac transplanted into the iPad. And while some things work differently across platforms, it’s no hyperbole when I typed “no compromises” into the video. For a very long time, DJing on the mobile platform (I’m still not a fan of smartphones as a DJ platform) has felt like there has been some serious tradeoff, but with djay Pro, that feeling has largely gone. Bar DVS, djay Pro for iPad has everything the majority of DJs need. And this is just v1.

When confronted with the first builds, there were some disappointments. I loved that album art could be displayed on the vinyl, something that seems to have been left behind in the regular djay. Perhaps it’s a move away from skeumorphic design, but as I learned a few years ago, album art is essential for DJs with dyslexia. I hope it makes its way back, along with a cool feature that isn’t quite ready for prime time yet and was left out. 😉

algoriddim djay pro for iPad (7)
My second career as the world’s most prolific DJ hand model continues.

What it really needs is more hardware support. There are dedicated controllers designed explicitly for djay, but to get wider acceptance, djay Pro needs a mapping engine, just like arch rival DJ Player has. When that happens, you’ll be able to unlock the big wide world of the controller industry. And it really does need to happen.

But in my stilted and broken playing time, I can to appreciate the raw unbridled power of djay Pro for iPad. In fairness I have been generally running it on a spangly new iPad Pro, but even on my older iPad Air, it handled everything I threw at it. The fact that it can stream 4 decks, apply effects, and run 4K video and record the whole thing without breaking sweat is testament to how far the mobile platform has come. But this piece is veering off on a tangent about the viability of mobile for DJing (it is but I’ll write 1000 words about it another time).

So having established that I’m getting slush money from algoriddim, and obviously can’t be trusted, why not check out these videos from Mojaxx at DJ City and Phil Morse at Digital DJ Tips. Between them they cover off just about everything, and come away with a very positive opinion of djay Pro for iPad as well as the viability of the mobile platform in a DJ environment. And to be frank, I’ve been staring at djay Pro for just a tad too long this week and will happily use Mojaxx and Phil as stunt doubles.


djay Pro for iPad — punching way above its weight

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