DJ Woody’s Pitch Shifter : lo-fi fretless fader mod now for sale

Just nine days ago, DJ Woody unleashed his idea for an alternative take on the current de rigour fretless fader thing. Instead of a MIDI fader controlling a Vestax turntable, Woody took the different approach of popping a crossfader right onto the pitch control of a turntable, essentially making a four-way fader. And in what must qualify as the shortest ever concept to retail product lead-time in DJ history, the Pitch Shifter is now available for sale.

Dj Woody Pitch Shifter fretless fader

Essentially, the Pitch Shifter is just a big fader cap that sits onto the pitch slider, and then you sit your Raiden or Frisk fader on top of that. You slide the pitch fader back and forth while cutting on the crossfader.

It’s important to read the associated blurb:

The ‘Pitch Shifter’ is a unique custom designed knob for the turntable pitch fader. Add a new dimension to your scratching with INSTANT PITCH SHIFT!!!

Simply replace your standard turntable pitch fader knob with the ‘Pitch Shifter’ then to attach your portable (Raiden or Frisk) crossfader ( fader not included) and start your 4 directional melodic scratching.

Designed by DJ Woody and made from acrylic with a felt underside for smooth horizontal movement.

The ‘Pitch Shifter’ fits Vestax, Technics, Stanton and Reloop most Super OEM turntables. To check your turntables suitability simply see if a standard Vestax crossfader knob will fit on you turntables pitch fader.

(*Note that Technics stems lay a little shorter than most so we advice folding a littler paper over the stem when fitting in order to secure)

The ‘Pitch Shifter’ needs to have a clear area to move horizontally so make sure your turntable doesn’t have problematic buttons or design features that get in the way.

While not the most elegant or stable of solutions, it can for an extremely wallet friendly price let to dabble in the world of fretless faders and musical note play to see if you really do want to take it further. Given the zero availability of commercial fretless fader projects until John Beez releases details, Woody’s Pitch Shifter really is your only option right now.

It’s available from DJ Woody’s store for £15.99 (faders NOT included) with UK shipping at £4.50, and worldwide shipping for £9. I think you’re going to be a regular face at the local post office Woody.

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