Yesterday we saw how Stereomusik (for that is the correct name) had managed to get DJ Player and an iPad to run like a DVS with just a sine wave tone pressing. I have no idea what kind iOS voodoo these guys are performing, but today it seems that the current hot topic of Pioneer CDJs and MIDI is getting a similar amount of iPad love too. Note – despite the CDJ screen, this is not HID.

DJ Player CDJ to iPad via HID

Watching the video, you’ll see that it’s as simple as hooking up a USB cable to the iPad and making the CDJ available via MIDI. You don’t get the full HID style feedback on the CDJ’s screen, but as Gábor pointed out to me, you don’t really need it because the iPad is considerably more detailed, and is a touch screen too.

DJ Player with CDJ on iPad via HID

So things like this are making the Pioneer CDJ hang on to its spot in the booth. If this works as it should, you can plug your iPad into the booth’s CDJs, and load up track from the iPad’s library. And it looks like control is 2 way as well with hot cues controllable via the CDJ or the iPad. Nice.

One more video is coming in the next day or so. We can only hope that all will be revealed. Either way, this is exciting stuff.