Controllerism certainly has a very strong culture of DIY and general hacking of stuff to make something that performs music. The end result is often eclectic and esoteric to the point of being suitable for just the person who made it. But when Haitian DJ Fredly Rosilme wanted a controller, he decided to make one from wood and wires. And bugger me if this magnificent DIY controller doesn’t actually work.

The irony of having an iPhone and laptop but making a cheap controller from wood hasn’t escaped me, but that’s not the point — he wanted to make a controller so he did. And I know just a few men (TOP. MEN.) who could actually do it from scratch too.


If he can create a MIDI controller with his bare hands with bits and bobs that we might otherwise throw away, imagine what he could do with some serious resources. He strikes me as a raw talent that just needs an outlet.

Video courtesy of And thanks to Kenny Botello for the heads up.