Digital record pools — which do you use?

Digital record pools — which do you use?

To give this headline some context — there’s a particular digital record pool that’s been… ummm persistent in asking us for a review, to the point of emails arriving at personal addresses. So the question arose of whether we should review it or not. The internal conversation went like this:

Digital record pools — which do you use?

To explain — we’re either too old school for digital record pools, or too niche in our tastes. So we’re hardly in a position to say what makes a good and bad experience with one. That’s right — we hold our hands up when we don’t know about something.

So this seems like an ideal opportunity for the hive DJWORX community mind to help us in our quest to create the definitive music pool group test. To clarify – we’re talking about DJ specific promotional music services that offer a wide range of fully legal and licensed music and video that you download and keep for a monthly subscription. We’re not talking about streaming services, but the digital equivalent of a record pool where you actually got to keep the music. Think Promo Only or DJ City rather than Spotify or Pulselocker


So which ones do you use and why? What features do you look for? Are you driven by price or selection? Or both? We’re especially interested in covering smaller more niche ones too, especially as Jared is hoping to find one that services his more Industrial tastes.

After mixing your community feedback with our own opinions, we’ll create a list of pools and a criteria by which to rate them. And then we’ll approach each one and see if they’re up for giving us access for the purposes of the group test. It’s highly unlikely to come up with e generic “best” pool, but we can at least give you a comprehensive list of what’s out there.

Remember — the end result will only be as good as the feedback you give, so get involved. We’d hate to complete the full thing and then get “I can’t believe (insert pool here) wasn’t included” comments. And feel free to drop a line to if you want your pool to be included.

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