Bluetooth crossfader Mixfader hits Kickstarter

It’s getting hard to move under the weight of fader in a box products. With the Raiden fader shipping this week, it’s time for the next generation to take centre stage. First seen a couple of months ago, DJIT’s Mixfader is a Bluetooth crossfader designed to work with mobile devices. And fresh from the viral success of the video, they’ve decided to hold a Kickstarter campaign to fund production.

Mixfader, the first connected object for aspiring DJs, comes to Kickstarter

Paris, May 27th, 2015 – Two months ago, DJIT presented Mixfader, its first connected object, at the SXSW Festival, by means of a first prototype and a demonstration video. The announcement created buzz, with more than 1.8 million video views in less than a week, media interest in more than 30 countries and thousands of positive feedback reports. Following this enthusiastic response, DJIT decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on to collect 50 000$. The purpose of this fund-raising is to fast-track Mixfader onto the market for the end of 2015 and to increase production to meet the demand generated by this announcement.

This Kickstarter campaign will be launched on 27 May, the official launch date of Kickstarter France. Mixfader has been selected as one of the most innovative projects by the Kickstarter US team. For the occasion, in exchange for their contribution, all internet users will benefit from very attractive returns. For example, discounts of up to $80 on the purchase price of Mixfader, as compared to the price to the public. You will have to be quick, however, as the best returns are limited in number and won’t last long.

In support of the Kickstarter campaign, DJIT will unveil a second video revealing its partnership with two-time DJ world champions, 9 O’Clock. In this video, the group of three DJs reproduces using Mixfader their live performance that established them as world champions in 2014. 9 O’Clock have been involved in the development of Mixfader since the design stage of this product, which is the most innovative for years in the DJ mixer industry.

The French group 9 O’Clock are today’s direct successors of Birdy Nam Nam and C2C, and representatives of the new generation of the French Touch movement. Twenty years on, they revive the work of great artists such as Daft Punk then DJs such as Justice.

About DJIT

DJIT – designer and producer of Mixfader – designs, develops and markets music mobile applications. Ranked among the ten biggest software publishers in the world, in this category, DJIT records more than 45 million downloads in 182 countries. Specialized in DJ solutions, the start-up company is behind edjing, the world’s n°1 DJ application, and edjing Pro, the new reference for music mixing applications on both smartphone and tablet. With the arrival of Mixfader, the company’s first connected object, with launch date end 2015, DJIT broadens its range of solutions to make music mixing more accessible and help anyone to improve their practical skills, whatever their level – beginner, intermediary or professional. This strategy of diversification into connected objects confirms DJIT’s ambition to position itself as a leading player in the industry of DJ mixing and music in general.

Mixfader — got no strings on me

Above is a performance video from French team champions 9 O’ Clock using the Mixfader. It’s a clean set, but doesn’t show the superior scratch skills of the original video, so I’m reserving judgement on just how well the Mixfader handles latency. It’s worth pointing out one thing — the Mixfader is entirely Bluetooth, so for those looking to get busy with analogue gear, the Frisks and Raidens of this world are the only option. It’s a shame that the Mixfader can’t be hardwired.

As with any Kickstarter campaign, there’s a lot of marketing hyperbole, because it’ll take a decade for me to scratch like C2C even on turntables. But if the Mixfader can perform like the first video, then this is likely to find  lot of friends. And if the initial take-up of the Kickstarter campaign is anything to go by, this will be funded in no time. There are a range of good Kickstarter pledges, from the €49 super early bird fader only deal (almost sold out already), to the €109 fader and case deal.

Bottom line — if you want one, be quick. Ours is reserved, and will be manhandled in suitable DJWORX detail when we get it.

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