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Bitwig Studio is finally here — download the demo

To say that Bitwig Studio has been a long time coming is somewhat of an understatement. Hell, the PR arrived from Bitwig to my skratchworx account. So it finally gives me great pleasure to announce that  the good ship Bitwig is ready for boarding.

Some brief words from Bitwig’s HQ in Berlin:


In 2009, the idea to design a music creation platform combining the latest technology with the history of music software began.

The result is BITWIG STUDIO 1.0, the next generation of music software featuring unprecedented workflow possibilities that breakthrough through creative boundaries. BITWIG STUDIO is the new solution for all musicians using Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Bitwig is proud to announce the wait is over, and now is your chance to experience BITWIG STUDIO 1.0. Visit our website to check out the new release video for a summary of the features to explore, pick up a copy from your local distributor or simply download the demo version today. Experience BITWIG STUDIO 1.0 for yourself, get out of the loop and back in the groove.

Best wishes,
The Bitwig Team

Visually looking like the bastard offspring of Live and Traktor, Bitwig brings an alternative take on Ableton’s workflow, which given that the developers are former Ableton employees isn’t surprising. It’s hard for someone like myself to go beyond the most basic of comparisons, so I’m not going to try. I’ll leave that to others in the tea, with more Ableton Live experience than myself (so that would be everyone then).

Clearly, Bitwig was aware that to turn the heads of other DAW users, Bitwig Studio would require a demo version. And you can grab yours today, for Windows, OS X, and Linux that runs fully featured but lacks save and export features. If you just want to dive in, Bitwig Studio will set you back $399/€299/£249.

Bitwig Studio is finally here — download the demo 3

So take this as an open invitation to download the demo and give us your thoughts — good, bad, or indifferent. Should Ableton be concerned, or is this just a wake up call to fend of complacency?

Side note — Bitwig Studio is a Java app, thus helping with cross platform development. Webheads — does this mean it can be adapted to work in a browser? Does Java open up the possibility of a web app working in the cloud? School me.