Atomix Power Room — VirtualDJ’s web spotlight

2015 is here, and Atomix is back on the VirtualDJ driving seat with renewed vigour. Realising that people need to see VirtualDJ 8 being used in comparable environments to Traktor and Serato DJ, Atomix has set up the Atomix Power Room, a Youtube series showcasing DJs using Virtual DJ 8.

First up is a jaunt to Vancouver, to check out the KlashAkt crew with DJ Abel and DJ Krisp Kutz who both talk about their trepidation about using VirtualDJ 8, but also how happy they were with it.

It’s cool to see Atomix not entirely sugar-coat the video, and at least show that DJs do have doubts about using VirtualDJ. It’s also interesting to see Atomix take a higher profile in such things, as if to underline that they’re a company and VirtualDJ is the product. They still need to unify the VirtualDJ brand ID though, if only to draw that very important line under the old VirtualDJ and push on with the new one.

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