OS X users will no doubt laugh at the thought of having to install specialist drivers, but for anyone on the Windows platform, it’s a fact of reality you just have to live with. Which is why the ASIO4ALL drivers were such a big deal when they came out. Essentially, installing the drivers meant getting the performance from low latency ASIO-enabled hardware on pretty much any soundcard, from a built-in laptop part to a SoundBlaster PCI card.

Along with the ASIO-like latency, the software also brings with it some other nifty abilities such as aggregating multiple devices. For many Windows-based DJs, this is an essential bit of kit. This latest version seems to be mostly about fixing a few issues, particularly with 64-bit OSes as well as other bugs.

Changes since version 2.10

  • Improvement: Make an attempt to reclaim an unavailable audio device, includes workaround for a (confirmed) Windows bug.
  • Improvement: Add general fixed factor resampling capability
  • Improvement: Latencies now displayed for the preferred buffer size, if host elects to violate the spec.
  • Improvement: Support for single common sample rate that is *not* a multiple of 8 or 11.05
  • Workaround: Realtek PULL mode not supported for “odd” ASIO buffer sizes. Symptom was a “Beyond Logic” error depending on ASIO buffer size.
  • Fix: Potential application compatibility issue regarding ASIO reset request message
  • Fix: Increased latency in x64 mode
  • Fix: Pull mode _and_ latency display now working
  • Fix: ASR issue with MSVC 2013 x64 -> Performance impact with hosts compiled with MSVC 2013
  • Fix: UI appearance with different system locale
  • Fix: Hang with some x64 hosts
  • Fix: Crash on exit of A4Apanel64.exe
  • Fix: Minor memory leak
  • Fix: All known 2.11 Beta(1,2) regressions fixed!

My favourite bit of the FAQ is this:

Q: (Version 1.x) An 80kB file is all I get. Is the download broken?

A: No at all. The ASIO4ALL driver itself has a size of a mere 24kB. The remainder is taken up by the installer. This is one of the benefits of assembly language coding: It doesn’t take more than that in order to do what ASIO4ALL does!

The file size for this version has gone up slightly (five times) – to a whopping 430kB – but for what the software can do, it’s pretty amazing.

If your connection can handle it, here’s a direct link to the file download.

Do you use ASIO4ALL? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!

Thanks to Steve at digital vertigo for the link.


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