Are you really going to switch DJ software?

dj software jump ship

The never-ending race for software supremacy continues, with each player constantly one-cupping their offer hoping to capture the hearts and wallets of DJs. But with increasing regularity, DJs are saying that they’re tired of waiting, and that the newly announced feature in the rival software is making them jump ship. But are you really going to switch lanes?

So I had this long piece written

…and I realised that I left nowhere for you lot to take it. I used a race analogy to explain that Serato DJ has got the lead, Traktor is suffering cramp but will be sprinting ahead with Traktor Pro 3 in due course, Virtual DJ 8 is leading in its own mobile race but is looking to jump lanes into a head on sprint with the big two, and Mixvibes Cross is capable and doggedly determined to keep pace with the others but not enough people are cheering for it. Then I wrote about the difficulties of changing one library to another, and the complications of expecting one software to work with disparate hardware.

But I changed my mind, and at the same time was able to ditch the expensive stock photography to use the last comment that came in as the story image. I want to know exactly why you’re thinking of changing lanes to run with a different software. What does that choice offer, and how easy will it be for you to make that change from a hardware and software perspective? Or in all honesty, do you have a low boredom threshold and just want new toys to play with when the reality is that you’re just going to ride the A to B merry-go-round and use a filter from time to time?

So yeah… I’ve come to realise that spewing SEO-friendly long form editorial pontificating from the DJWORX pulpit works, but we’re more interested in your thoughts. So I pose the question:


Are you serious or just knee-jerk reacting? And be honest.

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