Another Kontrol D2? Well this is awkward…

Core Kontrol D2

So I’m having a Saturday night cruise around Google seeing how the just soft-announced Traktor Kontrol D2 has been received. Aside from seeing our coverage at the very top of page one (yay for SEO), I stumbled across something interesting. It would seem that another company has beaten Native Instruments to the post with the Kontrol D2 name.

The DAP Audio Core Kontrol D2 is a fairly unremarkable two channel controller that I imagine is getting a sudden influx of search engine attention courtesy of NI’s announcement. It’s interesting to note that there is also a Kontrol D1 and Kontrol D4 in the same range.

I have no idea if these DJ controllers can happily coexist in the DJ universe with the same names. It’s fair to say that they’re unlikely to be mistaken for each other. Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all.