AIR Music Tech’s Meowser Pro — kittens make everything better

Click the above image to play.

There’s no denying that the sight of a kitten makes everything that little bit better. Recognising this, AIR Music Tech has developed Meowser Pro, a full 10Gb sample pack of kittens and cats, designed to bring a new level of feel good factor to your nosebleed DnB and industrial techno stylings.

Some clever technology has been employed to change the natural tone of the sounds via filters. Running a hi pass with them turns them into an angry hiss, and a low pass delivers a more soothing sound almost like a purr. Clever stuff. Obviously, as an organic product, the library will grown in time, and the sounds will mature to deliver a naturally deeper resonant sound.

We’ve been promised one for review. Can we get an on-brand ginger one please? And it’s available from today.