FRIDAY FUN: Another day, another DJ parody — DJ WH1PLA$H

Guffaw. Chortle. Oooh… So yet another serving of DJ parody has hit the airwaves, this time using the award winning Whiplash film as a base for mocking DJing all over again. See DJ Wh1PLA$H get quality “DJ” training at the Scrillex Academy, as he descends into a complete caricature of what a DJ is perceived to be. But is it a caricature, or simply an accurate portrayal of what a DJ actually is perceived to be these days?


It’s time to face reality — while we may want to be the elite, DJing is now a consumer level mainstream pastime. If you’ve got a smartphone, you’re a DJ. And with the same smartphone, you’re a producer, a journalist, photographer, and film director. Technology has democratised so many skills previously considered to be the realm of seasoned professionals.

Here’s the thing, and the thing that will restore your self esteem — this video isn’t parodying what we would call DJing as such. Instead, it’s having a blatant dig at the douchebag stereotypes and just how self-parodying parts of the scene have become. Rave pussy, Molly, fist pumping, glow sticks, airhorn, cake throwing… and a stupid helmet. When you watch the video, you can pull out the very elements that are the crux of the joke, and the very people perpetrating them. And none of it is to do with mixing.

These videos exist because the source material exists. But they are not you. They are the 1% perpetrating the stereotypes for nothing by money thinking that to be a DJ, this is all you need to do. The craft of DJing for the pure love of making people lose themselves in music is not what you see in these videos. And that’s fine, just in the same way that being a skilled musician isn’t about hookers, drugs, and trashing hotel rooms.

Anyway, it’s time you kids got some crap thrown at you — we’ve had to suffer decades of one handed wiki wikki gestures. MAN UP. So feel free to have a laugh — it’s OK because it is funny. All the parodies are. Just be better than them.