UPDATE: 7PS Portable scratcher — get involved!

Time for an update to one of my favourite projects. Portablism is hot, and I’d say that there are more portablist videos hitting the internet than full sized ones. And Lauris Honore took his idea for a fully fledged and designed-for-purpose portable scratching device and made his 7PS Portable Scratcher prototype as real as he could. But he needed help to take it a little further, thus a GoFundMe page was started asking for a paltry €6000, an amount that I thought would be easily reachable given the popularity of portablism right now. Right now, it’s a little under €1000 — disappointing to say the least.

7PS portable scratcher update GoFundMe

Undaunted by the surprising lack of support from the burgeoning scene, Lauris has carried on regardless (as he always has) and got the 7PS to a point where the whole thing is pretty much fully 3D printed. It’s a bit rough and ready, but you can see it coming together nicely, including a rather fetching 3D printed DJWORX branded 45 adaptor.

For the record, I have no financial involvement in this at all — I’m simply offering help and advice where I can, and just want to see a hardworking DJ with a good idea achieve their dream. And you can too.

7ps portable scratcher gofundme (6)


As previously alluded to, the support from the Portablist scene could have been stronger. I had hoped to see the GoFundMe campaign plastered across all the key media outlets delivering portablist coverage, and those active on social media to help Lauris make this most splendid device into something that actually works out of the box without having to add and tweak non-portablist devices.

Portablism is a strong and vibrant scene. So please use this opportunity to support somebody that’s working for you entirely out of his own pocket up to this point. How many people invest in a 3D printer just to realise their dreams?

Be it a single euro, a pot of gold, or some expertise, every little bit helps. So please support one of your own and let’s all work together to make the 7PS Portable Scratcher a reality.