Despite the best of intentions, it seems that the world has conspired against Denon DJ with their new product launch. Firstly the FCC decided to release confidential details of their stuff, and then it seems that a magazine jumped the gun and sent out issues a tad early. So last night saw somewhat wonky images hit the usual sources, thus presenting a very incomplete picture of what the new product is all about.

So there seems to be a certain logic in taking ownership of this all too common cat out of the bag scenario, and have decided that if an image of their new baby is out there, it might as well be a good one. So here it is — the new Denon DJ SC5000 player, as seen on the Denon DJ Facebook page.

And that’s all I’m saying. I have the full details and have had it in the studio a little while ago. But it’s Denon DJ’s product to launch, so let’s leave it to them to keep as much control as they can. I feel it’s better to have it presented properly than draw incorrect conclusions from spurious rumours and incomplete “facts”.

  • Kevin Basher

    That was fast 😀

  • djartical

    looks great now lets see what it does….

  • Dubby Labby

    And where is the funny side of leak before NAMM? :V

  • Kevin Basher

    Denon is doing a lot of things right with this unit:

    The Loop encoder is far superior over Pioneer’s shitty “in-out-reloop-4 beat autoloop” logic. You need just one encoder for perfect looping action. PERIOD.

    8 performance pads + mode buttons without making it look cramped. Just great.

    Beatjump BUTTONS!

    Censor (aka Slip Reverse) as primary function on that button. I never felt the need to use the reverse switch on my CDJs.

    The jog display seems to have a really high resolution and the jog rim has a nice design (and probably, hopefully is made of metal).

    I’m really curious what else is under the hood.

    To be honest, I was a little surprised they skipped the CD. Some people still seem to rely on that outdated medium, especially in clubs.

    • Asu

      they probably have a Denon DJ SC5500 with CD/DVD…people still bring CDs at various events…it’s very true

  • love it. price point speculation?

  • Simmo

    It looks interesting even if it is a bit of a rip-off of the CDJ2000, but DenonDJ will probably still manage to blow it somewhere along the line. They always do. It’ll probably be the Engine software which has always been an absolute horror show or some weird, badly thought out firmware on the player just like the last ones.

    • Asu

      The old denon is gone…i’m sure it’s a solid product

  • Layer button! Two decks/outputs? That and enough storage to better the HDDs in my HS5500s and this could be the replacement for those old faithfuls.

    Sod’s law though. I buy these and then Denon bring out an SC6000…

    • Kevin Basher

      That german magazine stated it has dual outputs for the layer function. Seems to be a comeback of the alpha track feature. Also it has 3 USB ports. That should solve your storage needs. Time to sell the HS5500s 😉

      • dj_books

        Never gonna sell but this is a combination of the 5500s and more. This is a winner.

    • Efhutton

      Shame it wont do dual waveforms, for mixing from one device. That would get my attention.

      • It won’t? How do you know? Besides, I imagine that’s something they could change in a firmware upgrade.

        • Ef

          I’m assuming it won’t. Can’t imagine any product co making decisions about “what works best and what’s best for the customers” instead of decisions that coerce, nudge, strongarm people into buying more and extra gear.

  • Hetto Vennik

    – Touchscreen
    – Dual Soundcard, 2 of them is 4 deck operation with USB/SD (engine) and no computer..
    – looking good Denon!

    ^^^ info from people on the Denon FB group that apparently are in the know, because they dare to repeat its true..

  • Tim Brooks

    I hope the actual unit looks better than this. Denon are playing with fire.

    • Cobra

      What are you even saying? Unit looks great IMO.

    • I think it looks good in the render, but is better in real life. I feel inMusic should consider switching from soulless renders to lush real photography. I know a guy… 😉

      • OT Debar

        That knows a guy 🙂

  • djartical

    From the picture it looks like the album art is going to be on the center display of the jog wheels nice..

  • Jimmy Barnes

    hmmm.. i’ll bet it’s touch screen.

  • DJ subculture

    Looks nice.
    As a former Denon fan now all in with Traktor Pro, the ONLY way I’ll even consider switching back is if Engine (or whatever file management program this deck ends up with) recognizes Traktor’s cue and loop information.

    • Aaron Jaraba

      This bridge is a relatively easy one to cross in the future. Rekord Buddy 2 was created for this exact purpose. If Engine is worth jumping onto and there’s enough momentum I wouldn’t put it past Next Audio Labs to create a Traktor->Denon transfer system.

  • Mark

    super excited about this!

  • jm2c

    Ticks all the boxes for me except the platter. I’d love a motorized platter version of this!

    • Jim Barnes

      Rumor has it that is in the pipeline. I really hope that is true.

  • Scott Frost

    This doesn’t even look like Denon, it looks like Numark. If the support is anything like the SC3900 they gave me – i’ll stick with the CDJ.

    • Doug

      I was actually thinking of Gemini…

    • Mark

      What Numark product/s are you referencing?

  • Bring Drinx

    Akai Amx Mk2**** make me smile

  • If the price I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere is true, then no way will I be buying them. I’m not prepared to pay CDJ-2000 NXS2 prices for what amounts to a XDJ-1000.

    • Kevin Basher

      I think it offers a lot more than an XDJ-1000. But still I rather see it in the $1.500 area at the most. That’s not fair for the effort Denon put into this.
      But you won’t fight the market leader with having the same price as their top model offering less features (no cd drive) and having a less established software. If they’ll manage to get the price down to 1.299 this could be a success.

      • Beazty1

        No that is the mistake Denon has made in the past. Charging an entry level price for a premium product. You would think it would work and in some cases it does..but here it doesn’t. There is perceived value in a product that is priced high. Is a Mercedes that much better than say a Lincoln…maybe or maybe not, but that price tag sure suggest that it is. If Denon wants this to compete with the CDJ-2000, thay have to charge similarly or else people may put it in a lesser class just because it doesn’t cost as much….

        • THIS. I’ve talked about perceived value before, and pricing too cheaply can be the kiss of death to a product. Regardless of features, if it’s too cheap, people won’t take it seriously.

          Denon DJ has to put this out at a price that puts it firmly in the same tier as the CDJs, because that is where they want to be. They must appear to be a real contender, and have the confidence in their product.

          And it’s always easier to reduce the price of a product if it doesn’t sell, than it is to put it up if it does.

          • Kevin Basher

            Agreed on your arguments. BUT a Lincoln priced almost the same as a Mercedes (world market leader in the premium class) will definitely fail.

            And an XDJ style (of course it’s better) Denon product will not sell at all if priced almost the same as the CDJ-2000 NXS2.

            Because Pioneer leads the media player market – both bedroom and club – there is almost no competition.
            And because Pioneer has an extremely well distributed / established software eco system.
            And because Pioneer is perceived an aspirational brand.
            And because the SC5000 lacks important features of the NXS2.
            And simply because Denon beeing sold to InMusic and having a higher price tag will not overcome the flaws of the past and change brand perception in an instant.
            Anything else is wishful thinking.

            • You pinpoint exactly what I’ve said in the past about Denon DJ’s aspirations. They’re bringing technology to a culture fight. Denon DJ has to work out how to combat the vice-like grip that Pioneer DJ has on the booth, as well as the hearts and minds of DJs who use and love them.

              It’s been shown over and over that it’s not the quality or the price. And it’s the same problem that every other turntable manufacturer had when trying to get any market share from Technics.

              • Efhutton

                1-djtech solidified it’s position with products priced below it’s peers.
                2-pioneer prices keep going up
                3-building a business on “perceptions” means continually finding new, clueless customers and getting few returners.

              • Beazty1

                Denon has already said what they want to do with this product and get DJs to change their rider. That means they have to do a couple of things.

                1. Endorsers! They need to get at least a dozen top DJs. That means giving out several setups as part of the endorsement deal. Household names to endorse this product and put it on their rider and demand that its available at gigs and have a list of regional companies that has the system in stock.

                2. To make sure that their can be rider compliance and that the endorsed DJ doesn’t have to carry the gear from gig to gig they need to make sure that there is rental stock in the major cities like Miami, NY, Chicago, London, Ibiza etc. That means giving or selling at a very very low price several units to rental companies, production companies and worldclass nightclubs.

                3. They have to get this gear on this biggest stages in the world like Ultrafest, EDC, Tomorrow land etc. With their biggest named DJs playing on it. Also sponsoring things like compititions, and festivals. Sure if a big name DJ is playing it and has Pioneer on their rider then you have it available, but only if its on the rider if not you are playing on Denon.

                4. Get all of this gear in commercials and other non traditional exposure. SO many commercials now feature DJ equipment…why shouldn’t it be Denon.

                This is how you start to break the culture grip Pioneer has on the DJ booth. Not by ultra low prices (unfortunately).

                • Indeed. I’ve already told Denon DJ the very same thing in broader strokes. They’re going to have to adopt the original Pioneer marketing model for a good 3-5 years of just giving stuff away (i.e. hundreds of units), and spending A LOT of money on marketing. I’m talking hundreds of thousands over the years if they’re to fulfil the changeyourrider hashtag.

                  • Kevin Basher

                    That’s a very costly, yet effective way.

                    Another approach might be to just offer an identical workflow (hardware-wise) to the CDJs, so people don’t have to change it between bedroom and club.
                    + HID integration for all major DJ softwares
                    + most importantly the ability to read and use a rekordbox collection with the SC5000. Imagine the impact when DJs could easily switch back and forth between hardware from different manufacturers using the same collection!

                    • Beazty1

                      Unfortunately HID integration is up to the software manufacturers. Denon can only help by maybe doing the ground work, but in the end its up to the software companies.

                      Now if they can figure out a way to have Engine Prime read Rekordbox and other library files then that would huge. Now if they can figure out how to trick rekordbox into reading engine files, then that would game changing. That would allow DJs to show up and play no matter what prep software they used or if there is Pio or Denon in the booth. That would break down one of the walls clubs would have to switching over.

                    • Kevin Basher

                      Back then, when Denon had a different parent company, it was their standard excuse for not having HID support for Traktor and Serato (because they were not willing to pay for it).

                      But times have changed.

                      Both Traktor and Serato feel the stiff competition from the almighty behemoth that Pioneer has become. They are more likely to support HID for less, or even free of charge to have an alternative to the Pioneer CDJs/XDJs, as there are no other single deck jog wheel controllers for both softwares.

                      Denon on the other hand should have a huge interest in getting as much software support as they can.

                      I read somewhere (probably here) that the NXS2 range didn’t exactly take off – for the reason that Pioneer initially didn’t offer Traktor and Serato support in order to push rekordbox dj.
                      As many popular DJs obviously weren’t ready to change their software, they kept the original NXS range in their riders and clubs weren’t updating their booths.
                      This should be a good lesson for Denon 🙂

                    • Beazty1

                      I think you are exactly right in this. Denon was pushing Midi even though the market wanted HID. Also, you have to remember that Serato and Denon wasn’t on the best of terms then and also that was about the time that Native Instruments started closing off Traktor to 3rd parties.

                      I think Serato and VDJ support will be a no brainer. It remains to be seen if Traktor will buy in and support these decks.

                    • Kevin Basher

                      Agreed on the Serato support. InMusic has the only 2 companies that make Serato audio interfaces under their control.

                      And thankfully, Native Instruments changed their policy a while ago as their plan to close the ecosystem failed.

                      Their forums (and every single facebook post they make) are full of requests for a jog wheel controller.
                      Rather than making their own, they now have the chance to get an alternative and to strengthen their position when it comes to negotiations with Pioneer (think XDJ-1000MK2 / XDJ-700 support).

                    • Most (I guess we can call them) touring DJs already have all their files in the NXS and non-NXS compatible formats. That’s why they’re not suddenly putting the NXS2 on their riders. It’s an unrealistic and unnecessary expectation to require the NXS2. The NXS2 is in a few venues already and also purchased by a few DJs as their personal system, but is competing with an already-established proliferation of earlier CDJ2000s already in venues and available for set-up when requested. Moving all your lossless flash drive files over to FLAC doesn’t make sense.

                • Klappa

                  That’s true! You also gotta have something that’s better than their current gear like XDJ-1000mk2 or the NXS2000. Build quality, but most important software and integration with other brands and gear.

            • Jerr1233

              What features of the nxs2 do you perceive this player missing? Not to mention this player has many features that the nxs2 does not.

              Also, you have to remember that Denon DJ was treated as the bastard child at Denon. Now they belong to a company that is clearly dedicated to the DJ industry. This will be one of their premium brands and as such should charge a premium price. InMusic doesn’t need Denon to make tons of money they need them to compete.

              • Kevin Basher

                Most importantly (not to me) it’s missing the CD drive. Like I said, it basically is a better XDJ-1000.

                No customer will give a sh** if the brand belongs to another parent company, now. Changing ownership for sure is no reason for anyone to pay a higher price – especially when InMusic is not exactly well known as a premium brand company.

                • Jerr1233

                  Face it, the CD is dead. There may be a few DJs holding onto it, but not enough to design a next generation player around.

                  People are not going to buy this because it is owned by InMusic. Most probably don’t even know who they are. However InMusic will give Denon the money it needs to go after Pioneer. To get the endorsements they need. They will support Denon in a way that they have not been supported in a long time. Because of InMusic’s portfolio of companies, Denon can play the long game and spend the years it will take to unseat Pioneer, without having to worry about being profitable immediately. Denon’s success over the next few years will not be measured by revenue but by top end market penetration. That’s what InMusic brings to the table.

    • Beazty1

      Oh if it does what it looks like it does, then this blows an XDJ-1000 out of the water and is very competitive with the CDJ-2000nxs2 if not better (assuming reliability). This player is what DJs have been asking Pioneer to make for years. Not to mention the return of alpha track in the form of layers something Pioneer has never offered.

  • Jerr1233

    Denon, you have my attention. I am curious about the labels on the waveform. Also it looks like the deck will count bars for you as well. This is much cleaner and nicer than anything Pioneer has put out. The sad thing is that these NEED to be sold at no less than $1500. Part of Denon’s problem in the past is that they were significantly less expensive than Pioneer. Because of that some people think they must have cut corners. If this is the real deal this may pull me back from Traktor.

    • Jim Barnes

      Actually in the past (before InMusic) Denon did cut corners on the quality of their gear. That’s why it was priced under Pioneer. It was very easy to tell just by using them. They were not cheaply made but the quality was noticeably under Pioneer.

  • DJ STU-C

    Cant wait to have a play on this, bravo Denon