Put yourself in the position of an app developer – no sleep, money or social life to speak of. And then your hard work attracts the attention of a massive global brand, and hand in hand they develop a line of branded apps for iOS and make the DJ world a better place. But all good things must come to an end, and after a solid run and a lot of users, Red Bull and DJ Player developer Stereomusik are man hugging and saying goodbye to each other.

It’s quite an abrupt goodbye as all Red Bull BPM apps will be exorcised from the app store 1st December. But out of the wreckage comes a massive opportunity that frankly you’d be utterly mad to ignore. For between now and 4th December, the previously pretty expensive ($44.99) DJ Player is available for FREE. And if you look back to recent DJ Player developments, you’ll see that it’s an incredibly capable app, with a lot more coming down the road too.

So as of 1st December, you can grab DJ Player for free and start enjoying the ridiculously rich feature set it has to offer. Remember – it’s only free until 4th December CET – that’s central European time for those unsure of timezones.